You Ruined My Face: Dudu Osun Review

You Ruined My Face: Dudu Osun Review
You ruined my Face! 
By: Tianna

About a month ago I started hearing about a soap called “Dudu Osun Black soap”. The reviews I found online were mixed, I heard so many good ones about it on YouTube, and a good share of mixed reviews on

Even before trying it, I had positive expectations of it since I had a wonderful experience with the a Charcoal and Clay mask I tried before. The mask helped me fight off breakouts and kept my pores pretty clean.

I assumed the dudu oson soap had activated charcoal in it as well which gave it its dark color, but to my surprise the ingredients included shea butter, honey, aloe vera, osun (Camwood), palm kernel oil, cocoa pod ash, palm bunch ash, lime juice, lemon juice, water and fragrance. 

My Experience with Dudu Osun

Despite seeing some of the bad Dudu Osun reviews, I felt adventurous and decided to give it a try anyway. I went on Amazon and brought TWO bars of this infamous Dudu Osun soap mainly because one seller had priced two bars cheaper than another seller that was selling one. My soaps arrived about 2 days after I ordered them, I was so excited to try them! 

Side Effects From Dudu Uson Soap

First time washing my face with this soap I noticed right away that it burned extremely bad, even after 5 minutes of washing it off. It dried my face out to the point where once all the water dried up on my face my skin was white ashy like I hadn’t moisturized in days. Now I think that should have stopped me, with those big red flags waving right in front of my face, but no it didn’t.

Fast forwarding about a week later of using the soap I began to break out in areas I never did before, on the bridge of my nose, along the bottom of my jaw line, near my lips, and under my chin. I had all of these clusters of whiteheads all over my face in random areas. Even after I stopped using the soap the pimples did not go away, it took about a month to start clearing up.

Some reviews said things like “This is just the purge stage” “Your body is just getting rid of its toxins”... BLAH BLAH BLAH! Reality was, this soap RUINED my skin! 

Did It Really Ruin My Skin?

So I know you will ask things like  “How do you know that it was the soap and not anything else?” “Are you sure it wasn’t what you were eating or a different product you tried?” I will kindly address it right now. 

Previous to using this soap I had a staple product routine which did not and will not change. I also test-drove this product not once but TWICE for a full week, two months apart for my better judgement before I decided to do any reviews on it. I am sure there is no coincidence, I had not had flare ups of acne until I started using this product for the first time and when I tried it again it did the same thing. I am currently trying to get my face together from giving it a try again. 

Edit: I also read some comments that since I ordered mine from Amazon, it could have been a fake soap so beware of buying beauty products off Amazon.  So that is one thing to take into account.  

This is just my personal experience, I am not saying DuDu Osun will not work for you and I am not trying to bash the company I know African Black Soap has done wonders for others as you can read on this amazing article by Kali Kushner on a different African black soap, but I personally will never again dismiss bad reviews. I hope you have learned something from this Dudu Osun review, have you tried it yourself? Did it work or did it also ruin your skin?

*Disclaimer: I am not saying DuDu Osun will not work for you, this is just my personal experience 


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Amanda Ndawana

Amanda Ndawana

I have been struggling with acne since i was 13 and am now 27 , i have tried a lot of different soap,scrub ,moisturizer nothing works so a friend introduced me to the dudu osun soap .. the first few days nothing happened as time went on i started getting these big pimples one after another i also had small rush all over my face and it was itchy evey time i used it not saying its bad or anything but i didnt work for me actually went from bad to worse .
NB /we all have different types of skin so just be careful what you put on your face especially if you have a sensitive skin like mine



i started using it not so long and i think is the best soap to clear dark spots,pimples and give you your real skin colour. when applying it to your face, make sure you don’t apply the bar soap directly to your face, that causes burnt
apply the soap to your palm first then use your palm to rub your face, leave it for some seconds the wash off quickly



I will say this does burn a bit, and if you have any sores or sensitive spots on your race or even, god forbid, a sunburn – skip those areas. It’s the lemon and lime juice in it that that I personally believe that makes my face burn, or tingle. It could be the “perfume” in it, but I think they sell an unscented version that I will look into next. I bought mine from Premier Skin Care…which I LOVE.

The first time I used it I mistakenly washed my whole face, even the areas that were still a bit sensitive from a chemical peel a week ago, and ouch did those areas burn so bad. I immediately washed it off and applied it to the other “safe” areas. It still tingled for a while. I do guarantee that if you use lemon and lime juice on your face they will burn, but I am going to keep on trying with this product to give it a full chance. So far my skin looks better, but definitely moisturize afterward. I personally like using emu oil (my holy grail) and a vitamin c serum after I use it.



I have been using dudu osun for about 2 weeks now and I have same experience,,,burning sensation after bathing,,,itching,pimples all over face especially my forehead,,,whiteheads too,,,I thought it would work on my skin,,quite disappointing



I have been using the soap for over a month now, and I am seeing my dark spots clear up. I never leave it longer than a minute on my body, and only a couple seconds on my face. After I shower I moisturize my entire body with Shea butter.

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