You Ruined My Face: Dodo Osun review

July 28, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

You ruined my Face !

By: Tianna

About a month ago I started hearing about a soap called “Dudu Osun Black soap” I heard so many good reviews about it on YouTube, along with the good reviews I heard a good share of bad reviews on .

Despite the bad Dudu Osun reviews, I gave it a try anyway, so I went on Amazon and brought two bars of this infamous Dudu Osun soap. I purchased two bars mainly because I seen that one seller was selling two bars cheaper than another seller that was selling one.

Anyway my soaps arrived about 2 days after I ordered them and I was so excited to try them. I noticed right away that night that when I washed my face with this soap it burned extremely bad even after 5 minutes of washing it off and it dried my face out to the point where when all the water was dried up on my face my skin was white ashy like I hadn’t moisturized it in days. That should have stopped me right? With those large red flags waving right in front of my face but no it didn’t.

Fast forwarding about a week later of using the soap I began to break out in areas I never break out at which was on the bridge of my nose along the bottom of my jaw line, near my lips, and under my chin. Some people in their reviews were saying things like “This is just the purge stage” “Your body is just getting rid of its toxins” BLAH BLAH BLAH ! This soap ruined my face I had all of these clusters of white heads all over my face in random areas and even after I stopped using the soap the pimples did not go away it took about a month to start clearing up.

So before all of the questions like these ones spill in “How do you know that it was the soap and not anything else?” “Are you sure it wasn’t what you were eating or a new product you tried?” I will kindly address it right now. Previously to using this soap I had a staple product routine which did not change and will not. I also test-driven this product not once but TWICE for a full week two months apart for my better judgement before I decided to do any reviews on it so I can make sure that I answered the questions that people asked me above for myself first.

I am pretty sure that is no coincidence I haven’t had flare up of acne until I started using this product and when I tried it again it did the same exact thing and I am currently trying to get my face together from giving it a try again. Sometimes it’s best not to believe the hype and that one person that could have a bad experience with it could be you. I hope you have learned something from this Dudu Osun review.


*Disclaimer: I am not saying DuDu Osun will not work for you and I am not trying to Bash the company but simply state how I feel about the product.