5 Harmful habits for your skin

by: Mia

Most people perform everyday routines without thinking of the consequences that it may bring, and yet they wonder how in the world do they have breakouts when they have been using all these products at this time. Here are some of the most common habits that we normally do that may do more harm than good to our skin:

1. Unhealthy Eating

"We are what we eat" as the popular saying goes. If you eat the right way, your skin and body will be healthy and beautiful. If you eat recklessly, the result would be the opposite. Maybe you will not recognize this problem immediately, but in the long run, the quality and quantity of food you consume will translate into the quality of skin that you will have.

Avoid salty and oily foods at all cost and opt for colored fruits and lush greens. Add in a few nuts and take your multi-vitamins too. Consistency is key and eating a well-balanced meal can really help you be on your way to a clear and smooth skin.

2. Neglecting to Use Sunscreens

Remember when you are out and about in the sun, the days can get so hot especially during this summer and you can soak in all of the harmful UV rays. Even if it's just for a few minutes, never forget to put on a sunscreen for your face and body. A product that offers a multi-layer of protection can definitely be your best choice.

The best practice in protecting your skin from the sun is applying sunscreen 20 minutes prior exposure and 20 minutes after the activity. If you have oily skin, you may need to re-apply every 1 to 2 hours for safer coverage. Choose something that offers a high SPF but will also let your skin breathe from the inside and will never clog your pores. It also pays to read product reviews and check the labels. Choose what works best for your skin type too!

3. Unsanitary Habits in Using the Mobile Phone

With the advent of smartphones, we all can admit that we cannot live without it. One cannot simply go on for days or even minutes with grabbing it and checking our inbox or social media accounts. The thing is, we often neglect that if we have poor hygiene, these smartphones can provide harmful effects to our skin especially when we are taking calls and we tend to place it directly near our mouth and cheek area.

It's only logical that we keep it clean and sanitized regularly. Choose a cleanser that can effectively kill all bacteria and fungus while ensuring that the product will not cause harm to the glass, metal or plastic components of your device.Keep it consistently in ensuring that it is always clean and watch where you place your phone especially in public places.

4. Too Warm Baths

A hot bath is a definite luxury after a long day outside. It just removes all your stresses away and makes you feel clean and good from the inside. But using too warm water can cause more harm that good for our skin. Bathing in water that's too hot will cause our pores to open and will significantly cause our skin to dry out and eventually cause wrinkles. We all do not want that.

Ideal water temperature for bathing and washing the face is from
20-27 degrees centigrade. Anything beyond that will not be beneficial to your skin. If you must use facial steam, never forget to use cold water and pat your face with it to seal in the pores. This helps tighten the pores and makes your skin firmer after the procedure.

5.Unsanitary Sheets

Since we all go to bed at least at night, we cannot avoid but get exposed to the fabric materials from the mattresses, pillows, sheets and blankets that we use. It can be a nasty source of all sorts of bacteria that may even worsen your breakouts.

Clean your pillows, sheets, and blankets weekly or monthly, and absolutely do not use pillows when it’s still humid! In addition, a linen or silk pillows and sheets will hinder bacterial growth and will leave be kinder to your skin. It also prevents marks on your face when you just got out of bed.

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