How I Got Rid of Acne During High School

By Sierra

Freshman year of high school, I started experiencing more breakouts, still nothing unbearable or unmanageable just more frequent. As I look back I see most of my acne during my early years was concentrated on my forehead are and if I did get a pimple anywhere else it would be gone in no time leaving no or minimal scarring.

Two of my close friends told me about a product they used that helped to even out their skin tone, they suggested I try it to reduce some of the small scars ( which I now know is called hyper-pigmentation). The product was called visibly even made by Neutrogena, I purchased the cleanser and the moisturizer. This product was a bit pricey but it smelled good and worked well. I

wasn’t too into skincare back then because for the most part my skin was in great condition, I didn’t have a routine set in place, or any specific products I used faithfully. I was a somewhat of a tomboy so I wasn’t really worried about vanity but I did make sure my hair was done and I smelled good at all times. My first two years of high school I’ll say my skin was exceptionally clear.

It wasn’t until my senior year that I started to grow more concern about my breakouts and hyperpigmentation. I began to notice that some of my breakouts were leaving behind more evidence than usual. One of my friends told me how she went to see a dermatologist and he prescribed her a cream that helped to get rid of her “scars”. She gave me a sample tube of some product I don’t remember the name I just know it worked like magic.

I applied it to a few of my “scars” and in no time they were gone. Once the product ran out I decided to ask my mom if I could go see a dermatologist so that I could get my own “magic’ cream. About a month before my 18th birthday I went on my first dermatologist visit. I had a few active pimples that she injected with cortisone and I was prescribed differin gel for my “scarring”. I would use this cream every other day at night before bed and in no time my skin was back to being clear, flawless and pore-less. I was happy with my skin back then, but little did I know the changes it would go through over the next seven years.

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