Best Foundation for Acne Prone Skin Part 2

by: Nikki Reynolds

Searching for a good foundation for acne prone skin can be extremely difficult. Since I started to get my breakouts, I’ve only used non comedogenic foundations so that my pores don’t get clogged up.

One of the best ones that I have used is Kat Von D's Lock it Tattoo foundation. This stuff is literally the holy grail of makeup! It says it works so well that it can cover up tattoos; well I don’t have any tattoos so I wouldn’t know, but it does cover up my bad scarring.

It comes in the cutest little container which is pretty neat and is easy to use. You don’t need to use a lot of product either. When I first bought it I did pick out a shade that was a little too dark for my skin tone and it made me look extremely orange, like I was from the Jersey Shore, but the second time I bought it, I was able to find the perfect match.

This foundation is extremely smooth and creamy and blends extremely well. One thing is that you don’t want to use too much. If you use a lot of this foundation it does begin to look cakey. This is a matte foundation and I absolutely love the matte look. A little does go a long way with this product.

It comes in a 1 OZ bottle, but you don’t need to use a lot to get a full coverage. I highly recommend this product to anybody that wants a full coverage. This foundation covers up my scarring so well!

If you’re looking for a natural looking foundation, then this is not one that you should get. This foundation is defiantly something that you would wear to a special event so you can get that flawless look. You really don’t need to use a concealer with this foundation; I haven’t needed to use one because it gives a lot of coverage with just one layer of product. I really haven’t had any major problems with the Kat Von D lock it Tattoo Foundation. It hasn’t made me break out at all, which is what I love most about the product, and it covers all of my acne scarring.

If you have a lot of scarring that you want to cover up, then this is the foundation for you. It goes on easily and blends well! You also don’t need a lot to get a full coverage.

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