Light Therapy: My Experience

by: Sophia Brigstock



The conventional skin clearing methods have always been a no-go for me somehow. All the miracle products that worked amazing for everybody else has always seemed to be a dud for me, bad luck I guess. But that never stopped me on my journey for clear skin. I was willing to try anything and everything, which was what brought me to the interesting method of light therapy. To be honest, it sounds like a sham. I mean, what could shining red and blue lights do for my skin? However, the claims seemed promising.

I went for a low end version of this method, called the IlluMask. The mask uses two lights: blue light to kill acne-causing bacteria, and red to calm inflammation in the skin. The mask costs $29.99 for 30 uses, which is kinda pricey considering you have to pay 30 dollars a month to maintain the results. However, as much as I dislike the pricing, this product really works. My skin went from plagued with acne to almost clear in 30 days, which is something I had never experienced.

I wasn’t able to repurchase the product after 30 days and my skin slowly deteriorated back to its original condition after a few months. I recently repurchased and am hoping to see clear skin again, but I am still on the hunt for a product that clears my skin and keeps it clear. A temporary fix just isn’t enough for me.

There are different light therapy devices that I am looking into purchasing. There is a Michael Todd product called the Bi-Light that does virtually the same thing, it’s just a handheld device instead of a mask. It’s definitely more expensive being $99.00 but you get more than just one month use out of it. So, in the long run, it’s less expensive. I am planning on purchasing this product in hopes for similar results.


The IlluMask works amazing for mild to moderate acne however the pricing and inconvenience of repurchasing every 30 days makes it difficult to keep up with, especially for the demographic of the buyers. If you can pay the price for clear skin, I’d say it’s worth it!

The Michael Todd Bi-Light is a more expensive option, however it lasts much longer for the same claims. I am yet to try it but hope to try it in the near future.

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