BANISH Acne Diaries: A Movement for Skin Positivity (Application)

BANISH Acne Diaries: A Movement for Skin Positivity (Application)
by Dannii A

Want to be part of our skin positivity movement?

What is the BANISH Acne Diaries Initiative?

Acne shouldn't be ignored or dismissed as superficial or vain, it can be an actual, severe condition. According to statistics, every year there are many reported cases of suicide and self-harm due to the distress, anxiety, and depression caused by acne.

BANISH believes in offering help to people suffering from acne, not only through our natural, ethical and effective acne/scarring products but also through our influence, by creating a skin positivity movement that acts as a support system and can help people cope with the social stigma and confidence issues that often arise from having acne.


How do I join the BANISH Acne Diaries Movement?

Through the BANISH Acne Diaries Initiative, we intend to provide our customers and acne sufferers in general, with a Worldwide Social Media Platform to share their acne stories and experiences, enabling them to become THE inspiration for millions of people struggling to love the skin they live in. We invite our customers, followers and acne sufferers in general, to allow themselves to be VULNERABLE, to be BRAVE and to LEAD our skin positivity movement by becoming visible and sharing their real stories!

ANY inspirational story the World needs to hear that can help people feel confident again, or feel like they are not alone, or bring awareness to an important topic, even if not acne related, is also welcome to participate!

If you would like to have a One on One Skype/Zoom video interview with BANISH to share your story and tell us about your experience with our BANISH products in case you are a customer, provide your feedback and ideas and have your voice be heard, fill out the following form and we will contact you with the next steps.

Please know we receive many applications and will contact you as soon as we possibly can. Only submit your application if you are willing to have your own story and experiences be published on our social media platforms. Interviews are typically one hour long. You will not be scripted or compensated, this initiative is all about HONEST and REAL experiences and getting your feedback and thoughts as a BANISH customer so that we can shape the future of our movement and make a difference together!

Can ́t wait to meet you!


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