Birth Control Pills for Acne

February 18, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By Maryam

After I had tried and failed painfully and miserably to cure my acne with an antibiotic known as tetracycline, I decided to give in and try the pill.

It’s been about 7 months now since I’ve started, and yes! I do love it. It does work for me. My acne has cleared up significantly, and I now, on most days enjoy a relatively clear face. I do get zits now and again. I still find that on the days drawing close to my period I break out, sometimes worse than others. At least now, I just break out in zits rather than full on cystic pustules, so I find it’s manageable and doesn’t leave as much of a scar. Still, I wonder if going onto stronger hormonal pills would really do the trick since these low hormonal, “lo-lo” pills, don’t seem to be dominating my hormones quite as much as I need them to. 

What’s up with my hormones anyway? Was it all that milk I drank as a kid? Anyway. I opted for a low-dose hormonal pill over a stronger brand since I’m wary it might make me depressed like so many women seem to report. Honestly, do I feel that sometimes that my I could be better, more like myself before the pills? Truthfully, yes. I’m not up to my usual standard. Do I feel that my overall mood could be better, happier? Yes, potentially. I had significant mood swings when I first started the pill. I hate feeling depressed. Would I consider Accutane and just getting an IUD? Yes. More and more, I’m considering it. 

Tetracycline is a horrible antibiotic and I would never wish that upon anyone. Accutane is a form of vitamin A. It comes with a lot of consequences, the dryness of the skin, the emotional highs and lows. Do I feel that it may be worth a sheet of clear skin on my face? Yes, oh heck yes. 

I suppose this is all part of my journey with acne. Right now I’m content with birth control, I even feel like the occasional zit still keeps me human. But who knows how I may feel in 5 months, a year, two years. I’m 25 and without birth control, my acne would still be going strong. I may just have to finally nip it in the bud lest I have to face the rest of my adult days carrying a painful pink flag on my face.

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