The Dangers of Dairy Products

August 08, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Dairy is possibly one of the most damaging foods to our skin and body but, for some reason, is still marketed as an important part of our diet. Over seventy percent of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. Most people cannot even properly digest milk yet we are told we should be drinking it. Ingesting dairy even if you are not lactose intolerant, is damaging to the skin and causes painful breakouts and cystic acne. I’m going to be discussing the ethical part of the dairy argument first before we proceed to all the dangers of dairy products.

Milk Is Not Our Own

The most obvious part to this is that the milk is not our own. It comes from another animal, (for this article I’m just going to be focusing on cows as they are the most popular source of milk). The cow’s milk belongs to the cow offspring. Unfortunately, we are taking that away from them. Just like any mammal, cows only produce milk during and for a few months after their pregnancy. There are no specific dairy cows that make milk continuously. Dairy cows are continually bred until they are deemed useless. As soon as the baby is born, it is taken away. If it is a female she will be further used as a dairy cow. If the baby is a male he will most likely be immediately killed for meat or be housed away for reproduction. When the mother is deemed useless she is then killed and used for meat.

It Is Not Cruelty-Free

With the constant milking of these cows, the udders become worn out and torn. The mammary glands will be torn and injured, leading to bleeding and an infection. The puss and blood resulting from this constant milking s legally allowed into the milk we drink. And guess what, it really is there.  The average amount of stomatic cells per spoonful is 1,120,000. These bodily fluids and abnormal hormones in milk affect the skin and is a large part towards large cystic breakouts.

It Affects Our System

I used to be a big dairy consumer. I drank a glass of milk a day since I was about four. I didn’t completely stop consuming dairy up unit about a year ago. Before I quit I had very bad cysts on my chin. I would get a new cyst every day. The antibiotics and puss in milk affect the hormones in our body and cause disrupt in bowel movements and on the skin.

Based on experience, there are several dangers of dairy products and we are to consume them, we need to weigh it over if we are doing more good than harm in our bodies and in this world.

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