Diet Plan For Healthy Skin

December 09, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

Diet Plan For Healthy Skin


Whilst it is so important to ensure you’re using the right quality products on your skin, it’s just as important to ensure you’re targeting your acne holistically, and looking at what you’re fueling your body with. For most people, diet plays a big part in their skin. For these people (such as myself), if you consume lots of fast food for a week, you will see the toll it has taken on your skin through breakouts, congestion, excess oil production etc.

However, there are food groups that people with diet-influenced skin can incorporate into their diet to help improve their skin. These are below:

Orange-Coloured Vegetables

These include vegetables like pumpkin, carrots and sweet potato. These vegetables are rich in antioxidants such as beta-carotene which then converts to vitamin A (think skin health). These vegetables enhance the pigmentation of the skin and reduces inflammation.


Probiotics include yogurts, and they help balance the good and bad bacteria internally. When the bacteria in your body is evened out, it reflects on your skin. Inflammation is reduced, and skin tone is enhanced. It can also help with skin redness and even reducing the life of cystic acne. It has also shown to balance out natural skin oils.


Lower levels of Zinc have been linked to acne. Food sources of Zinc include cashews and almonds. Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties which relieves redness and irritation associated with severe acne. Zinc can also help with fading acne scars before they penetrate too deep into the skin layers.


These include dark greens and berries. Think of a blueberry mask lots of salons offer… Consuming a high level of antioxidants helps to boost complexion and improve skin radiance. Antioxidants keep your skin barrier protected, which in turn improves skin health. Antioxidant consumption also helps with skin congestion and keeping skin oils at the right level.