Clear Skin Solution: Give Up The Soda

There’s nothing better than a cold Coca-Cola on a sweltering summer day. From the miraculous sound of the can opening to the sweet and bubbling taste, I was obsessed with soda. There was nothing that could satisfy my summer taste buds better than a can of pop, however, I soon began to notice the dehydration I was experiencing, as well as breakouts that resulted. I decided to give up my favorite sweet drinks for an entire year, and see the results. This might be my best clear skin solution. Would it clear my breakouts? Would I even like soda anymore? I knew that this would be a difficult challenge, but I also knew the detrimental effects that soda had on my body and face.

My resolution proved to be harder than I thought it would be. At every party I attended, there would be an inviting cooler full of sugary temptations. At home, my family would sip their sodas during meals, while I was stuck drinking a boring glass of water. But, I persisted, determined to reign supreme, thus cured of my soda addiction. After doing some research, I realized that sodas were not the only drink on the market containing loads of sugar; but that juices were as well. I reluctantly added juices to my no-no list and persisted.

 As the year endured, I found that drinking infused water both hydrated and combated my craving for sugary drinks. I could drink something that was both refreshing and healthy, without containing grams and grams of sugar. From strawberry and lemon infused water to cucumber and mint, my skin was glowing and less red. My energy levels were high and didn’t drop suddenly like they used to when the sugar wore off.  Giving up soda was incredibly difficult, but the results proved to be worth it.

At the end of the year, my cravings for soda were obsolete. I no longer yearned for a can of high fructose corn syrup and felt so amazing for giving it up. Not only did my skin glow more and appeared less red, but I also felt more energized. Aside from that, I am sure that I saved hundreds at restaurants and even lost a few pounds. Giving up soda was challenging, but the results made me incredibly grateful. I encourage everyone to quit drinking soda, because of the amazing results. From saving money to having a clear skin solution and a healthier diet, saying no to soda is definitely a great idea!

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Your story is encouraging. I need to give up soda too. I’m overweight and a diabetic. I don’t know anything about infused water. I guess there must be a machine that does it? I’m not up with the times. But I’m going to look into this.

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