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Drinkable Collagen: Is it The Fountain of Youth?

November 19, 2017

by Kali Kushner




What’s the buzz around collagen these days?It seems no matter where I turnthe importance of collagen is plastered all over socialmedia, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and well- basically everywhere I turn.Collagen carries claims such assupportinga healthy glow,enhancing skinclarity and smoothness,increasing the body’s natural moisture levels,helping to maintain firm skin, andimproving the overall quality of hair, skin, and nails.


As we age, our collagen levels decline- in fact once we reach our mid twenties,we produce 1% less collagen each year seen in sagging skill, dullness,wrinkles,thinning hair, and brittle nails. Drinking collagen can help to restore and maintain these levels, giving you clear, youthful, glowing skin and lustful locks.I know, I knowIt sounds too good to be true but asa daily collagen consumer I can attest it fills all of those categories and more! It’s basically the magical fountain of youth- sowhat exactly is collagen and how does it work?


what is collagen?


Collagen is the most abundantprotein in the human body;it is a vital building block forour hair, nails, bones, and joints.Collagen contains a mixture of amino acidslike proline and glycine,which arefoundin human connective tissue.It is important to note that innature, collagen is found exclusively in animal tissue, specifically bones and connective tissue.Collagen protein makes up about 30% of protein in the human body and70% of theprotein in the skin- which is what makes itsuch an effective supplementfor restoring a youthful complexion.


Hydrolyzed collagen powder isthe most common form of drinkable collagen.It is the easiest to digest and is typically recommended for those who have sensitive stomachs or digestion issues.This specific form of collagen isso popular because iteasily mixes into both hot and cold drinks or food while being tasteless.Some well renownedbrands that carry hydrolyzed collagen peptides are Vital Proteins, Sports Research, and Bulletproof!


benefits of collagen for skin


While collagen carries widespread benefits for the entire body, the mostnoticeable ones can be seen in the skin!This, again, is due to the agingprocess. As we get older we produce less collagen, our skinbecomes thinner and less elastic (this is dueto aprocess calledelastosis), but incorporating drinkable collagen is proven to helpminimize or even reverse the effects of aging. That’s why collagen is one of the best natural skin care treatments around!


In fact, in adouble blind studywhere collagen peptides where consumed regularly for8 weeks it was found that 20% experienced a reduction in wrinkles.Furthermore,the study surprisingly proved that a daily intake of collagen encourages your bodytostart synthesizing more of its own!It alsowas noted that consuming collagen dailydoes in factincrease skin moisture and elasticity.


In addition, collagen is also thought to strengthen your skins acne defenses.It helps to greatly acceleratethe healing of old pimples and prevents new scars from forming.Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the body for healing and when it comes to acne it’s no different.When acne attacks it weakens thelower layers of the skin, collagen is able to come in and repair these layers by creating anew barrier. Itshould also be taken into considerationthat collagen helps with both inflammation and controllingblood sugar levels, two othercauses that notably cause acne.


other benefits of collagen


Collagen isn’t just beneficial for skin health! Here are a few other ways supplementing collagen may help you:

  • Reduces joint pain and degeneration
  • Balances hormones
  • Helps Digestion system
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Strengthens teeth
  • Reduces cellulite and stretch marks




my experience with collagen


I have been drinking Collagen peptides for about a year now and have experienced exceptional results. Vital proteins and Sports Research are two of the bigger brands I’ve tried that definitely live up to the hype. When we think of something as anti-aging we don’t typical think ofacne or scars but lo andbehold,if you think about it-scarring is similar to wrinkles as they are both adepletion of collagen in a specific area.


To be quiet frank, I wasn’t exactly sure if collagen was going to help with my acne but I felt confident enough to buy it knowing it would make a difference in my scarring.Like theclaims state, I find that it is tasteless and can be easily mixed into both hot and cold food without irritating my stomach- whichwas a huge plus for me.Within a few weeks I noticed that my skin texture appeared more plump and tone more even-at that pointI knew I was hooked for life!


Overtime it seems my results have increased drastically, I look at old photographs of my skin and can’t believe how much thetone and general clarityhas improved. I find that I breakout less (if any at all) my face doesn’tget irritated as easily, andmy skin barrier has completely transformed. I used to have exceptionally dry skin but once I started using collagen that changed into a dewy super model complexion. And I ain’t mad about it.I feel so much more confident in my skin now that I don’t even feel the need to wear foundation ( and a majority of the time) makeup at all out in public!

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