Green Tea and Oatmeal Mask for Acne

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My concerns about trying out a DIY scrub or mask is that...

1. It needs to be EASY otherwise I'd much rather grab a mask already made for me to save time. Especially if I need to get to bed already or get ready in the morning.

2. Will it be worth it? There are a lot of recipes online for pretty much anything and some of them are a little iffy like putting mayo in your hair or toothpaste on your face. By the way, don't put toothpaste on your face.   Therefore, I did some extra research to make sure what I'm putting on my face will actually benefit my skin and this green tea mask recipe met my expectations.

If you have acne, flaky, oily, red skin...and more acne, then this mask can help out with that.  

Chances are you'll always have some green tea bags or oatmeal around the pantry.   All you need for this face mask are those two items which makes it really easy.

Recipe for Green Tea and Oatmeal Mask:

1 teaspoon of powdererd oatmeal, you can put oats in a blender to make a big batch and use a teaspoon at a time when you mix.  If you don't have a blender you can just use some quick cook oats.  

2 teaspoons of fresh hot green tea you can include the leaves if you'd like. Whenever you make a cup of green tea, just add a little bit into your oatmeal powder.  

Mix together, let it cool, and apply on clean face. After 15 minutes rinse off.  You can use it weekly.   Don't forget to apply your sunscreen or moisturize afterwards. 


Why I love it: green tea is great for reducing acne by stopping inflammation with its high antioxidant content and it stops excessive sebum production.

Oatmeal helps hydrate, cleanse skin, and contains avenanthramides which is an antioxidant that also reduces redness and inflammation

Put them together and you have yourself one amazing acne fighting mask that you can make at home! 

Have you guys tried this green tea and oatmeal mask? What do you think? 

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green tea mask recipe

green tea mask recipe

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