How to Deal with PCOS

by: Zainab

I have been dealing with acne for many years. From one dermatologist to another, taking one pill to the next but it went worse than before. I then started my own research about it and then came the know the truth about the acne and PCOS. I put all my effort to find the truth behind it and how to deal with PCOS  and how it can be responsible for your acne.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • Irregular menstruation or no menstruation
  • Hirsutism (excessive hair growth)
  • Difficulty in getting pregnant
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • Oily skin with acne
  • Last but not the least anxiety or depression

Some women show all the symptoms while some show no symptoms. PCOS symptoms are started to appear in teenage, and when left untreated it can result in diabetes and many other problems including heart problems.


Consult your gynecologist that whether you haPCOScos or not and get an ultrasound of your pelvic region. If you have the condition, the ultrasound will shoe cyst like follicles in your ovaries. Follicles are fluid filled sacs in which eggs are developed.

I might sound scary but believe me; it's not. Almost every one in ten teenage girls is diagnosed with this condition.


To control pcos, We need to know what is pcos. In our body, there is a hormone that is meant to keep the sugar level in check and works well until puberty. Its power to maintain the sugar level in check become weak, and the sugar starts to show resistance towards the insulin.

However, it still controls the sugar level until a woman reaches her 25th birthday and a woman develops insulin resistance. The body secretes more and more insulin than normal level, to keep the sugar level in check,

The insulin fails to maintain the sugar level in control but it also worsens the condition, and this results in the increase in testosterone level which causes hair loss, facial hair, and oily skin.

What to do?

I'll be very honest with you there is no cure for pcos. But does not mean you cannot treat it, but taking pills is not the option. When you stop taking the pills, the symptoms will come back and can make the condition worse. The only way to keep the pcos in check is EXERCISE AND DIET.


  1. In order to keep the sugar level in control, you need to stop the cravings. The only way to do it is to go for something healthier like fresh fruits instead of artificial or added sugar to keep the cravings in check and this will also help in keeping sugar level in check.
  2. Dairy products also worsen the condition. This fact broke my heart because I LOVE MILK. As milk contains lactose which is also a form of sugar it can increase the sugar level in your blood.
  3. Starch products are also a big NO. As starch products contain glucose packed together, it releases the high level of sugar. So, all the food like bread, pizza, burger, rice, pasta, etc. should be avoided.
  4. Exercise is beneficial to prevent excessive weight gains and therefore prevent diabetes and other complications. It burns down the excessive calories and keep the sugar level in check
  5. The other ways to keep the symptoms control include using hair oil for hair loss.
  6. Meditation can also help in reducing the stress which will reduce the acne breakouts.

Treating PCOS is not impossible. Knowing how to deal with PCOS is just your first step. All you need to do is to have few lifestyle and dietary adjustments and you can see the difference it can make towards a healthier and PCOS-free you.

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