How to Maintain Good Skin While in University (Tips from a First Year)

August 19, 2016 0 Comments

By Caleb

While I was in my first year at university, the issue of the so-called ‘freshman fifteen’ wasn’t what concerned me. Rather, it was how my acne would respond to me living in residence and coping with the university environment. University was different mostly in that I lived in a room with a roommate, and I also did not get a lot of sleep. This translated into me not getting the privacy I wanted to treat my skin, as well as developing a lot of pimples from stress and lack of sleep. Having finished my first year of university, I have learned lots concerning my acne treatment and wanted to share this information. Here are several tips that may help you to take care of your skin while in university:

  • Get a sufficient amount of sleep every night: While in university, I didn’t realize how much my sleep schedule would change. In high school, I would usually sleep at around 10 pm. In university, my sleep schedule changed such that I would sleep at 12 pm or even 1 or 2 am.  Sleep is invaluable not only to maintain good skin, but for your overall physical and mental health. So, do yourself and favor and get a sufficient amount of sleep every night.

  • Regularly wash your bed sheets and pillow covers: As I lived in residence in first year, I couldn’t rely on my parents to do my laundry; this responsibility was now handed to me. If you already don’t know by now, bacteria on your pillowcases and bed sheets can easily transfer onto your skin; this may lead to the formation of pimples. If you want to reduce the risk of this happening, make sure to wash your pillowcases and bed sheets regularly.

  • Relieve stress:I can guarantee you that there will be moments in university where you will be stressed. Stress from school work, relationships, etc. High stress levels are not good for your acne and overall health. When you’re feeling stressed, do something that will relieve you of it. Things like taking a nap, watching your favorite TV show, or meditating. Also, take initiative of your life so that you won’t end up finding yourself in a stressful situation.

  • Eat healthy: Because I lived in residence, I was required to buy a meal plan. I think that my university did a pretty bad job in encouraging students to eat healthy food; in my campus, healthy foods (fruits, salads) were very expensive. Even in this unfavorable circumstance, I did my best to make healthy choices. Alongside to eating healthy, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

As you enter into university, you will find that your lifestyle may change in varying ways. When this happens, don’t stress out! It’ll only make you feel worse! Identify the changes in your lifestyle and make an effort to resolve these changes. To be realistic, you might face a trial and error situation because everyone is different when it comes to treating acne. Don’t give up!