How to Manage Pregnancy Acne

By Britt Hensel

skincare during pregnancy

Being pregnant comes with a slew of changes to the body, however, acne is one that is not talked about as freely as the glowing skin and precious baby bump. Hormonal changes are a common acne trigger however, treating the symptoms when pregnant are not always as simple because after all you have another little life to consider as well.

There are some acne treatments that you should avoid! Some turn to strong products like Accutane and Retin-A which should be completely off-limits until after the baby is done breastfeeding since they can be absorbed through the skin and into your breast milk and in turn your baby’s bloodstream. Other products that contain BHA or salicylic acid are no no’s as well until you are done breastfeeding if that is the route you choose to take! 

When pregnant, dealing with acne on a natural level is the safest bet and the good thing is, natural remedies can be even more effective than chemically charged ones. There are certain measures you can take to combat the acne that has taken up residence on your body and face.

Keep your Face Clean - Keeping your face as clean as possible is a great place to start when it comes to fighting acne. Wash your pillowcases frequently and avoid touching your face. Only wear makeup when you feel it is completely necessary.

Eat Smart - Avoid acne triggering foods like dairy, nuts, and caffeine if you can help it. Be sure to consume foods that are proven to soothe and improve skin quality like turmeric, honey, and pineapple.

Drink Water - Water flushes out your system and gets rid of unwanted toxins. It helps keep your bloodstream clean as well as your face! Make sure to drink plenty of water.

Moisturize -Do not allow your face to get dry and oily. By keeping your face lightly moisturized you will do wonders for combating acne.

Clothing - With all the bodily changes going on, choose clean and comfortable pregnancy and maternity clothes. For many women, hormonal changes causes them to sweat profusely more during pregnancy, this can also trigger breakouts. Choose a soft and comfortable fabric to wear. Kindred Bravely offers the softest, most comfy maternity and pregnancy clothes out there! Their fabrics are breathable and comfortable, and are perfect to transitioning to postpartum and nursing. Make sure to wash your clothing often and with gentle detergent.  

Remember, stick to your skincare regimen and be consistent. Do not over wash, even if you are tempted to scrub zits away. This will only dry out your skin and create more problems. Hormone balancing drinks like green tea always help. Do your best to remain calm and avoid stress. Stress can make your acne more inflamed and worse. Pregnancy acne is more common than you may think and while it is pesky and annoying, do your best to embrace the change life has thrown you by turning to natural remedies.

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Hi I’m currently 8weeks pregnant and I have acne scars all over my cheeks I get the few breakouts here and there. I don’t know what products suits my skin best now that I’m pregnant please help me thankyou

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