I Have Severe Acne Because Of High Sugar Intake?

I truly believe that hormonal acne in women is one part physical and two parts mental. If you think about it, having a pimple is not always very painful. Sure, there are pimples that are extremely painful, but I truly believe that hormonal acne in women is far more of a mental game than anything else. Why is it that if the pimples or scars on our face are not causing immediate pain they still seem to do a great amount of damage. When you look in the mirror and you see a spot or mark it definitely hurts but inside more than out. In order to lessen the emotional toll and stress that having acne can put on an individual, one has to learn to truly love the person they are on the inside before the one they see on the outside.

Self-love is so easy to talk about and read inspiring articles on, but it is much harder to carry out in your everyday life. You can read an article on how to love yourself with guaranteed tips and tricks to help you get there but how often to those actually impact how one feels about themselves. The answer is not often. Self-love does not just magically happen overnight, no matter how many spa nights you have. It also doesn’t just come from “treating yourself” from time to time. Self-love is rooted first in acceptance. Once you accept the way you have been perfectly created self-love falls easily into place. Once again, easy to talk about, hard to practice.

The ten things you need to do in order to accept yourself cannot be laid out for anyone because the truth is everybody is created uniquely and there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” From trial and error come the greatest lessons. Reading articles about self-acceptance and love is in no way harmful, but just because painting your nails doesn’t make you feel completely better about yourself doesn’t mean that self-acceptance is out of your reach. To draw back to trial and error, for some looking in the mirror and giving you a pep talk is very beneficial, but for others not looking in the mirror at all but still giving that pep talk is more effective. The lesson that is here for you in this is that self-love and acceptance don’t come overnight and are not achieved in the same manner by everyone. You have the most knowledge about you, so it has to be you that finds a way to love all the imperfections that come along with your perfect self.

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