Moon Juice Beauty Dust Review

Moon Juice Beauty Dust Review
By Kali Kushner



Because who wouldn't want to drink a magical fairy dust and have a cosmic glow for days? When I first heard of the brand Moon Juice my interest was certainly peaked; a brand that claims to have a special blend of adaptogenic super herbs that can help you with anything from sex drive and sleep to physical endurance or improved concentration- is this stuff for real?

I was scrolling on the Moon Juice webpage when I saw a pink jar labeled Beauty Dust, as I read the claims I instantly knew it was right up my alley. A super special dust that will make me more beautiful on the inside and on the outside, yasssss queen that's only everything I've ever wanted! Beauty Dust has some pretty high allegations on how it should make you look and feel, so I thought it would be perfect to try it out and see if it lives up to the hype.

According to the Moon Juice website, "Beauty Dust is an adaptogenic blend of transformative super herbs and pearl that help combat the effects of stress to expand your beauty, lust, and glow from within." 

The website also claims that Beauty Dust will:

  • Protect skin cells from free radical damage
  • Help the Body to preserve Collagen Protein
  • Help Enhance the elasticity of the skin
  • Help the body cope with stress


What Exactly is in "Beauty Dust"?


Of course, to make all of these magical things happen it's got to contain some magical ingredients, right? Here is the official Beauty Dust ingredient breakdown:

Organic Goji Berry Powder- Goji berries are loaded with beta carotene which aids in healthy skin cell production. They're also known to promote a feeling of well-being, calmness, and are useful in weight loss.

Organic Schisandra Berry Powder- The Schisandra berry is typically only used in chinese medicine. It is an adaptogen for increasing resistance to disease and stress. It also works to normalize blood sugar, blood pressure levels, and prevent early aging among numerous other health benefits.

Rehmannia Root- Rehmannia root is commonly used for diabetes, anemia, fever, and allergies. It can also be used to reduce pain and inflammation (heyyy cystic acne friends looks like we have got ourselves a winner!), as well as, lower blood sugar levels.

Organic Ashwangandha Root and Leaf Extract- Ashwangandha is an adaptogen that helps the body adapt to daily stressors, decreases pain and swelling, and prevents the effects of aging. It is used most commonly for healing wounds, anxiety, and to help calm the brain.

Organic Alma Berry Extract- Alma Berry is extremely potent and claims to have amazing healing benefits for the body. Alma Berry helps the liver detoxify, strengthens the liver, and is excellent for digestion- all leading to better skin. It also moisturizes the skin, cleanses tissues of toxins, and promotes healthier hair.

Pearl Extract- Pearl extract claims to keep skin radiant and lustful by accelerating the regeneration of new skin cells.

Organic Stevia Leaf Extract (Reb A)- Stevia is mostly known for its sweetening abilities, but in this instance, it is also used to reduce blood sugar, blood pressure, and to ease skin inflammation.

* An adaptogen is an herb that helps your body to cope (or adapt) to life's stressful and ever-changing situations.




The Beauty Dust Packaging


My first impression was that the packaging is very small, being about 3 X 3 inches big and containing only 1.5 oz. It comes in a sleek black jar with a simple pink wrapping and doodle reading "Beauty Dust", its simplicity is very appealing and goes hand in hand with their vibe. I'm not sure if I am used to containers being the same size as protein powder packaging BUT from the photograph and for the price tag ($38) I was definitely expecting the jar to be much bigger.

My next thought was well maybe the serving sizes are smaller because it has greater potency, but strangely enough it only contains 14 servings per container. So, if this is something you plan on keeping up in your routine just know it could quickly get a wee bit pricey with buying a new dust every two weeks.

All of the ingredients are extremely potent and organic but, to me, it does seem a bit overpriced for the amount of product you receive. Of course, if it does work you could totally throw out all of your beauty products and rely on the Beauty Dust but, as a college student (and a 100% penny pincher) forking out $38 every two weeks probably isn't going to fly (unless this stuff is seriously THAT amazing).


What Does the Dust Look Like?


The dust itself is a fine light pink gritty powder with specks of brown. It does seem to stick together easily as my container had a few large clumps, but they are no problem because you can easily separate the chunks by crushing them.


What Does It Taste/Smell Like?


First and foremost, the smell. We have gotta talk about the smell because it is pretty earthy to say the least; as soon as you open the container you get hit with a whiff of....ehhh dirt? Seriously though, I would compare the smell as sweet or sour dirt (with a hint of horse) that packs such a punch that it sticks to the inside of your nostrils. The second I smelled the dust, I couldn't help to think, Ohhhhh the things I do for clear skin.

Personally, I did not enjoy the flavor alone, but it definitely wasn’t the worst thing I've ever tasted in my life! The taste is that of a sweeter-musty-berry mixture, pretty similar to the smell but there wasn't a bitter flavor that stuck with you after. I found that when mixed into a smoothie or flavored tea the taste is barely noticeable but, when alone in water it can be a bit overpowering.


Does it Live up to the Hype?


Yeah, this stuff is seriously THAT amazing. I don't think it necessarily made me more beautiful in three days but it did give a nice glow to my skin, didn't cause any new spots, and gave me a great positive energy throughout the day. I think maybe because I was drinking the beauty dust I thought I appeared more attractive and that confident energy radiated to others who took notice.

When I drank the Beauty Dust the first day of my three-day trial I wasn't really sure if I liked how it made me feel. Within 30 minutes I felt really sleepy and my stomach was irritated; realizing that I needed to eat, as soon as I did I felt completely fine. After that I had an extreme amount of energy for the rest of

the day and decided that this supplement is something I will have to make sure I am taking with a good amount of food.

On the second day of drinking the Beauty Dust my husband told me "you look extra cute today" for no apparent reason; this stood out to me because he's simply not one to dish out compliments often. Another classmate, whom I've never spoken to before told me that she liked my hair. Was it the dust, or just coincidence? That I'm not totally sure of, but I can say that I felt more confident, empowered, driven, and creative. Despite my initial doubtfulness of it being nothing more than another Instagram trend, I really do think it works.

On the third day I cleaned my entire house top to bottom, finished my homework for the week, got my workout in, and did a little bit of meal prep all before noon. I felt much MUCH more energized than normal and that energy didn't seem to die down. I had crazy consistence energy until about 10 pm, which is unusual for me; I normally hit a low around 2 or 3 pm and stay that way for the rest of the day. I also got my "beauty sleep" all three nights by completely sleeping through a solid eight hours and waking up even before my alarm clock went off. Pretty amazing stuff.

*For a true day to day analysis or further info on the dust you can watch my three-day trial on the effects of beauty dust in the video above. ( Video will be live Friday! ) 





My Final Thoughts on Moon Juice Beauty Dust


I am going to continue using the Beauty Dust until the container is empty before I make a final decision on repurchasing. So far, I lovelovelove the positive energy and the way it helps my body to cope with stress. I get a calm relaxed feeling all day and it also gives my skin this amazing super glow from within. At this point I no longer feel like it is the placebo effect and that it really is working to make me feel great from the inside out. I've noticed way too many positive benefits, like a calmer complexion, amazing glow, and greater creative energy- that can't just be coincidence. Moon Juice, you really hit the jackpot with this one.



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