Ruzzel's Acne Story

Ruzzel's Acne Story
I was on my 6th grade when I started breaking out. It even got worse when I entered highschool. Every morning I'd go straight to the mirror to see how many new pimples appeared overnight. I would pick and prod, nothing could stop me. It became a habit.
I become more insecure every second I stare at the mirror. I hated my acne, I hated myself and I took that war within me. It affected the way I treated people. I had struggles I secretly face, they took away my self-worth. Oftentimes, I can't look at someone dead in the eyes. I don't want people to see my face in its worst state. I could feel their judgment, even if they weren’t.
I became a complete desperate, in search for a real change. And trust me, I've tried every brand and tip, name it! I've succumbed to EVERYTHING just to heal my worst nightmare. I listened to everyone's unsolicited advice and tried everyone's product recommendation. An infomercial product, microdermabrasion tool or supplement? I’ll try 'em all because, well, what have I got to lose? This is my routine for more than a decade. 
During those years, I learned to embrace who I really am. I realized there’s nothing I can do anymore and I should just accept this fate. It wasn’t a walk in the park, but I learned to be confident with my acne. They helped me overcome criticisms and made me a better person.
I shouldn't have entrusted my skin to everyone's unsolicited advice. It just worsen my condition! If there's one thing I learned from my skin journey - it is that our skin reacts to a certain type of solution and we should find a regime that is noncomedogenic and alcohol-free to prevent further breakouts. What could work for you MAY NOT work for me and vice versa.
Thankfully, Banish came to my rescue. I won the Banish Kit 3 years ago. Not only did it help me with my acne scars and lightened my skin; but Daisy's handwritten letter also encouraged me to feel better and have faith. The Banisher helped me in naturally reducing the appearance of my acne scars. After a few months of use, my skin is rejuvenated and I feel more confident than ever. My skin isn't perfect but my confidence rated the highest score.
Im sharing you my story with a goal to shed light and break the stigma attached to acne sufferers. We tend to judge people with acne without realizing that for them, it is NOT SHALLOW but a daily STRUGGLE. To have acne is not a choice, but to be beaten by it is a commitment we SHOULD NOT allow ourselves to be in. Our skin status IS NOT a confidence killer, it is our MINDSET and FEELINGS about our skin status that should CHANGE. 

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