How to Avoid Skin Rashes When Using Sunscreen

By: Mia N.

Sunscreen is a skin care products that are indispensable in the summer. You should use sunscreen even when the weather is not too sunny. This would cause the skin to be protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, UVA and UVB rays are still silently attack your skin as often. However, if used improperly, this care product not only protects your delicate skin but also makes them "cry" when faced with reddish pimples too.

Let’s go over 5 mistakes that cause facial rashes when using sunscreens:

  • Choose sunscreens with high SPF
  • Most skin specialists recommend that we should use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. However, that does not mean you just have to find the bottle of sunscreen with high SPF. It will stay on the skin longer make your skin more greasy. Instead, you should note alcohol and  titanium oxide in sunscreen. These 2 ingredients help absorb oil effectively and will also make your skin less oily and acne prone.

  • Sunscreens with skin softening effect
  • The sunscreen contains emollients such as vegetable oils or fatty acids suitable for dry skin or geographical areas with dry climates. It is both a sunscreen effect while providing essential moisture that makes the skin soft and shiny. However, there are times that it will make your face too oily. The excess oil builds up in the pores is the number one cause of obnoxious pimples due to sunscreen.

  • Not taking care of skin before and after using sunscreen
  • Taking care of your skin before and after sunscreen application is important. During the night, do not forget to rinse your face to remove the sunscreen.

  • Using the same sunscreen for face and body
  • The skin structure is relatively sensitive. You can totally see that most skin care products are divided into two lines: one for the body and one for the face. This is the same for sunscreens too, look for one that is specific or ideal to be used on the face area.

  • Only sunscreen
  • Although sunscreens can work very well in protecting your skin under the influence of sunlight, you should not rely on them or entrust the entire skin on them. Please use the support things such as sunscreen masks, sunglasses, and sun protection clothing. Also, do not forget to add enough water to your body and take care of yourself with good food like cucumber, tomatoes, oranges, yogurt.

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