The Face Shop 'The Solution' Sheet Masks Review

The Face Shop 'The Solution' Sheet Masks Review

By Brigid Anderson




The first sheet mask I had ever tried was one my BFF picked up at a dollar store back in the day (we're talkin' about 9 years ago at this point). I remember being fully grossed out by this weird, goopy,  horror movie-esque monstrosity, which fit uncomfortably on my face. For the life of me, I can't remember what it was or what it was supposed to do, but I vividly remember how sticky and irritated it left my skin. Needless to say, it was not a pleasant experience.


I honestly never thought that sheet masks would become a thing, much less become a staple in my skin care routine. Now, almost a decade later, I have become a sheet mask hoarder. Seriously, I have two baskets and a drawer full of them and I stock up on them even when I don't need to re-up my supply. The sheet masks of today are nothing like the dollar store sheet masks of 9 years ago (thankfully for us all).


If you have yet to experience the pure bliss that is a sheet mask, let me explain. A sheet mask is a single use facial mask that is generally a self-contained, face-shaped, fibrous sheet drenched in some type of skin-loving serum. You apply and mold the sheet to your face after cleansing, leave the sheet on for the recommended time, and let your skin soak in the serum.


Once you've removed the sheet mask, gently massage or pat the excess serum into your skin instead of rinsing it off. This way, your skin drinks up all the serum that is left over. Sheet masks are an excellent way to give your skin a little pick me up in the morning, or give your skin some extra TLC at the end of your day while you kick back and relax.


With so many sheet masks on the market today, the task of choosing a sheet mask can be a daunting one. I have tried so many different brands and so many formulas that keeping track of the sheet masks I have liked, and those that I haven't, has become difficult. With that being said, there is one particular sheet mask that has stood out above the rest and has become my go-to mask: The Solution sheet masks by The Face Shop.


The Face Shop is an extremely popular South-Korea based skin care and beauty brand that focuses on natural skin care with natural ingredients. The Solution masks are just one of the ranges of sheet masks The Face Shop offers.


Each sheet mask in The Solution range contains an ingredient that targets specific skin care issues:


  • Smoothing Mask – Formulated with BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid)
  • Moisturizing Mask – Formulated with Ceramide
  • Firming Mask – Formulated with Collagen
  • Nourishing Mask – Formulated with Propolis
  • Radiance Mask – Formulated with Vitamin C
  • Pore Care Mask – Formulated with Tannins
  • Wrinkle Care Mask – Formulated with Peptide
  • Soothing Mask – Formulated with Madecassoside
  • Brightening Mask – Formulated with Pearl
  • Hydrating Mask – Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid


The Packaging


Initially, what attracted me to these particular masks was the packaging. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, and these modern looking little envelopes with little test tube vials on the front just screamed 'TRY ME!'. The envelopes tear open easily and the mask is quite easy to remove.


 My only criticism of these masks is that each mask has a film backing that needs to be peeled off from the mask before applying. I find this backing completely unnecessary, and when I first started to use these masks it made the application process a bit more difficult. While peeling this backing off, the mask is easily flipped on itself or can become slightly tangled if you're not careful, but, the film does peel off easily. After a few uses, it becomes a bit easier to maneuver, but it's still a pain nonetheless. The backing does make things a bit messier as well since it too is covered in the serum. Holding the mask with one hand and trying to get this film into the garbage so it doesn't get all over the sink can be quite annoying, although comical.


The Application


The Solution sheet masks probably fit my face better than most. The sheet itself is super soft, pliable and sticks easily to your skin. The masks are not too thick or thin, and overall they're extremely comfortable. The holes for the eyes and the mouth are a decent size, and even though I have to play around with the mouth area a bit, it's not too taxing or time-consuming. Usually, the application is pretty quick and, obviously, the more you use any product the easier it becomes to use.


I find the amount of saturation to be spot on, personally. I wish all sheet masks would take notes from these! They're not so saturated that the serum is running down your neck and into your eyes, yet they're saturated well enough that they won't get dried out by the time you remove them.


The scents of these masks vary by ingredient, but I find them all to be pleasant and relaxing. The scents are fresh and clean, not chemical-like, and they're not overbearing. These masks do contain alcohol, but despite this, I haven't noticed an alcohol smell to them. If you're typically sensitive to the scent of alcohol, you may be able to smell it.


These masks don't slip or slide around once they're on your skin, which I adore! I have never felt like I've needed to adjust the mask, even if I'm sitting upright the entire time.


The leftover serum does feel different depending on the mask used, but none of them leave my skin too sticky or heavy with residue. Some may take a little longer to fully absorb (the Radiance Vitamin C mask comes to mind), but none of them have made me feel like I need to rinse.


Results from The Face Shop Sheet Masks?


As with any skin care product, long-term results will differ person to person and by how consistent you are in using. Personally, I have noticed such a significant difference in my skin since I started using these regularly! My combination skin has become more balanced, more even in tone and texture, and more moisturized overall.


These masks are heaven when my pores are clogged and angry, or when I need some extra soothing after a breakout. I haven't had any irritation or breakouts from these masks whatsoever, and they all feel super gentle.


I love them all, but if I was stranded on a desert island and could pick only one mask to use for rest of my life, I'd most likely choose the Hydrating mask with Hyaluronic Acid. This mask, in particular, is a moisturizing powerhouse, and it gives my skin a hydration boost that lasts for days.


My skin just feels so much softer since implementing these sheet masks into my routine. These sheet masks have allowed my skin to better absorb other skin care products as well. After using, my skin looks bright, plumped, and feels silky smooth. My makeup looks better, applies better, and just wears better overall.


Personally, I purchase a pack of these masks from Amazon which includes all 10 masks. The price for this pack fluctuates, but I've never spent more than $17 for the entire pack. The Solution sheet masks can also be purchased singularly from The Face Shop for $3 a piece.


These masks have become a permanent fixture in my skincare routine and I always look forward to using them! If you're on the hunt for a new sheet mask to try, definitely check these babies out!


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