Top 7 Benefits of Moisturizing

August 24, 2017 0 Comments

By: Izzah A

The secret of most people with youthful looking skin is a good moisturizer. Most people that moisturize rarely get skin problems because moisturizers focus more on the overall health of the skin. Dry skin is the consequence of the lack of moisturizing. And according to dermatologists, dry skin brings about many skin issues such as acne, clogged pores, oily skin, and wrinkles. If you have not one of those, then you’re lucky but this is the time to start moisturizing. Just having a dull complexion gives off a sign that your skin lacks hydration. Still not convinced? Now here are some of the benefits of moisturizing:

1. Keeps the skin hydrated

Hydration is what allows the skin to function at its best. When hydrated, the skin cells are in best condition to rapidly repair themselves and turn over new cells. And this is basically what gives the skin its youthful glow and accounts for its anti-aging benefits.

Aside from drinking lots of water a day, moisturizers are a must to keep the skin hydrated. Moisturizers have humectants and emollients that lock in water to prevent water loss of the skin when in contact with the wind or the UV rays.

2. Smooths rough and flaky skin

Rough and flaky skin is the result of underhydrated skin. Today is the age of makeup and everybody just loves applying base foundation or BB creams. But what everybody hates is when the makeup base gets cakey due to flaky skin. Flaky skin occurs when the protective natural oil of the skin begins to dry up and peels off. Moisturizers then work to form a barrier on top of the skin to seal in this natural moisture.

3. Soothes irritated skin

If your skin is sensitive and easily gets irritated, you just have to find a good moisturizer that has soothing ingredients like aloe and chamomile. There are tons! These will stop the scratching that will potentially lead to other skin problems.

4. Protects the skin from allergens

The coating that the moisturizer forms goes a long way in protecting the skin from the harsh wind, humidity, UV rays and several others. All good moisturizers have at least SPF 15, so it hydrates at the same time protects.

5. Prevents acne breakouts

The dead skin cells that constantly peel off from the skin when dry causes clogged pores. Clogged pores then lead to the ugly pimples on the face and nobody wants that. Do you?

6. Prevents oily skin

Most people do not moisturize because they believe moisturizers cause oily skin. But in reality, moisturizing helps in reducing the sebum production. When cleansing, the skin is stripped of its natural oils. As a result, to compensate for that, the body produces more “oil”, thus the oily skin. This natural cycle of producing oil is normal as the skin needs it as protection. Now although it may sound weird, moisturizers contain certain types of oils that will help the skin seal the good oils (the skin’s moisture)

  • 7. Combats wrinkles

  • Moisturizing reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You lose your skin’s moisture as you age, thus the wrinkles. Moisturizers replace the “lost” moisture on the skin. Ingredients in moisturizers such as retinol, kinetin, and hydroxy acids are the ones that help particularly in anti-aging.


    Now, are you still not compelled to use moisturizers after knowing the wonderful benefits of moisturizing? If you still are not, just know that the mere application of moisturizer can bring relief. In fact, the moisturizing step is my favorite in my skincare routine. It’s just amazingly refreshing!