What To Mix Vitamin C With In Skincare?

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Why does Ingredient Mixing Matter?

There are so many amazing skin care ingredients out there and while we may want to soak up all of the benefits, we have to remember that not all ingredients pair well together. Some ingredients, when paired together, can nullify the benefits or cause too much irritation. 

But there are so many great ingredient combinations that can stabilize and make sure that you get the most out of the ingredients you are applying to your skin. 

In this article, we will talk about Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) and the amazing ingredient pairings and their benefits. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that helps with hyperpigmentation, phototeageing and collagen production. 

Pairing your Vitamin C with stabilizers and the right ingredients can do wonders for the skin. Keep reading for the perfect pairings & how they can step up your skincare routine.

Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid

According to Kamila Zdunska, Ferulic acid aids in protecting the skin's structure and works as a photoprotective agent, a brightening component and delays the skin's photoaging processes.

Ferulic acid protects from sun damage

When pairing Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid, the Ferulic Acid extends the life of antioxidants - which in this case would be Vitamin C. Pairing these ingredients together help to fight off bad UV rays, which can cause age spots, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Ferulic Acid also aids in stabilizing Vitamin C throughout the day, so it is harder for sun exposure to break it down. 

Vitamin C + Vitamin E

Vitamin C and Vitamin C are an incredible dynamic duo and compliment each other. These two ingredients work better together than they do on their own. 

Vitamin C can provide photoprotection, but it does work best when paired with Vitamin E. which increases the efficacy of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a water-soluble ingredient, whears Vitamin E is an oil-soluble ingredient. Paired together, they can penetrate the skin more effectively and boost the efficacy of each other.

Some benefits of using the two ingredients together are that they: help prevent your skin from sun damage, neutralize any free radicals that happen after sun exposure and they help with synthesizing collagen. The two help to maintain crosslinks between your skin's collagen fibers. 

Vitamin C + Vitamin E + Ferulic Acid

Vitamin C, E & Ferulic Acid are an amazing trio and are known to be quite the powerful combination. These three ingredients, together, are really great for boosting collagen production and fighting off free radicals. Ferulic acid is a very potent plant antioxidant that, when paired with Vitamin C & E, doubles photoprotection of the skin.

Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic acid are all Antioxidants. Antioxidants fight off skin-damaging free radicals and help prevent the formation of wrinkles, dull skin, premature aging, etc. Antioxidants are typically unstable on their own, so pairing these three ingredients is a great idea. 

Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid act as stabilizers to the Vitamin C - which adds an extra boost of collagen production. This combination of powerhouse ingredients is scientifically proven to increase collagen production 4-8x the normal production rate!

Vitamin C, E & Sunscreen

Since Vitamin C helps decrease melanin production (i.e. helps with hyperpigmentation), if wearing Vitamin C throughout the day - Sunscreen is needed to help protect the Vitamin C (and skin) from UV rays. Always be sure to follow up with a good SPF after the application of Vitamin C and Vitamin E. 

Vitamin C and Vitamin E will provide photoprotection, but also need to be protected by an SPF to get the full benefits. 

A higher SPF is recommended (40 SPF or higher) for daily wear, especially if you are using Vitamin C. That way you do not lose the efficacy of the Vitamin C. 

How Do I Use Them?

Now that we have talked about which ingredients go best together, you are probably wondering what is the best (and proper) way to layer them. 

The best thing to remember is to start with the thinnest product and work toward the thickest product and also starting with the Antioxidant ingredient. In this case, you would apply Vitamin C first (if in serum form like the Banish Oil). 

If you are going to use a moisturizer/cream, you would need to apply this after your serum and before your sunscreen. 

Once you apply your moisturizer you can apply SPF to your skin. 

Products formulated with these Superstar Paired Ingredients

The Banish Oil is a natural Vitamin C Serum that is made with the most potent form of Vitamin C: L-ascorbic Acid. The great thing about the Banish Oil is that it also contains: Vitamin C +Vitamin E + Ferulic acid combo - the powerhouse trio all in one product.

banish oil

Vitamin E and Ferulic acid work as stabilizers within the Banish Oil and give your skin the ultimate collagen production.

Pairing ingredients might seem a little intimidating at first, but once you get it down - you will reap the amazing benefits!





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