Your Mind has a Direct Link to your Appearance

By: Mahfuza

A lot of times we prefer taking medications, topical treatments, and surgery when it comes to skin problems and diseases. In other words, we prefer physical methods of treating ourselves rather than realizing that our minds have a direct link to our imperfections. 

The way we carry ourselves, the way we walk, talk, feel about ourselves influence every cell of our body. According to Mahatma Gandhi, he said that "You must be the change you want to see in the world", therefore we need to feel in a way as though we no  more have that particular skin problem or disease, that way our reality will start changing. Thus it is important that we start changing from within rather than changing our outer world. We can observe people around us that feel a certain way towards themselves and how that changes their physical world that correspond to that feeling. 

People that have acne scars, hair loss, tend to have lower self – esteem, whereas people that are confident, and have a high self-esteem tend to have less of these problems. So question is, how do our feelings really change how we appear? Our heart and brain have their own electrical and magnetic fields that influence the magnetic and electric field of every cell in our body. Our heart and brain have a connection, whatever thought comes to mind it creates a certain feeling in the heart which is then emitted through electric and magnetic fields. 

According to Gregg Braden, "The heart's electromagnetic field is five thousand times stronger than the brain's electromagnetic field", that shows how much power a human heart has and how much influence that has on our body! That is why most of the successful people tell us to be in an attitude of gratitude, or to feel positive and happy, loving yourself and others, that way more positivity is brought into yourself. You start feeling better and therefore looking better.

Okay, coming back to how to solve skin problems, it is quite hard to feel beautiful, when you see those acne scars over and over again every time you stand before the mirror, you automatically point out all the imperfections. You start worrying about what people think when they notice your scars. All these add up at the end of the day and just keeps your problems the same or worse. So, first of all, you would need to shift your negative energy into being positive.

Start being grateful on the good sides of your skin, or in general just yourself. This way you start to focus less on your imperfections and more on what you are blessed with. Some methods to becoming grateful are to start a notebook in which you list at least five things to be grateful for every day, or place a note on your mirror that says "be grateful, you are alive" etc, overtime you start shifting your energy to becoming a positive person. Once that is done, now focus on what you wish to be. Do you want clear skin? Do you want thick hair? Start making a list of that in your notebook and feel yourself being that person. 

Create a vision board which has pictures that remind you of your goals. Most importantly have fun with this! Become your best friend and tell yourself that you are beautiful, and believe that if you can change  your inner being, your outer being will mirror that. We are equipped with all we need in order to reach our goals, it is a matter of belief and desire.

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