Vitamin C Creme

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Brightening Moisturizer for Dark Spots.

Style: Alpha Arbutin Extra Brightening and Hydrating

THE moisturizer for acne prone skin to brighten dark spots! 

The Alpha Arbutin Vitamin C Creme include extra BRIGHTENING ingredients compared to the original lightweight Citamin C Creme.

+ Alpha Arbutin : Natural form of hydroquinone 

+ Licorice extract : Prevents and fades dark spots

+ stabilized Vitamin C for sensitive skin

Thicker formula for added hydration to replenish the skin barrier! 

Suitable for all skin types. 

Choose the lightweight version for a lighter texture and feel! 

Lightweight Vitamin C Creme is a water-based cream containing Vitamin C and antioxidant fruit extracts to reverse dark spots and skin damage for an overall brighter complexion. 

What The Vitamin C Creme Does:

  • Reduces appearance of dark marks
  • Firms Skin
  • Improves Evenness of Skin Tone
  • Glycerin helps repair skin barrier

    Both creams: Size 50ml • Vegan • Cruelty-Free • Fragrance Free

    Shelf Life: 6 Months - store in a cool dark place like the fridge to extend and maximize shelf life.

    If you’re looking for a non drying acne breakouts treatment, try the Fighter Gel!

    Some color change due to the nature of the natural ingredients is normal.  

    Dermatologist Recommended!

    “So I actually have oily skin and I was worried it would be too heavy, but it actually has a really nice lightweight texture and feel. My skin still feels like it’s able to breathe and the finish is really really nice. I actually recommend this for all skin types ”  Dr. Emma

    Difference Between The Cremes

    Alpha Vitamin C Creme

    Vitamin C Creme - Lightweight

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 222 reviews
    Age: 25 to 39 years old
    Skin Type: Combination
    Lightweight Not Oily

    I saw a big difference in my hyperpigmentation, and love how it is a lightweight vitamin c creme for my combination skin. It works so well for my dry skin areas and also oily too. I have no dryness which is a plus.


    Really good crème feels great on the face!!!

    Age: 18 to 24 years old
    Skin Type: Acne Prone or Sensitive

    My skin is sensitive and doesn’t take well to a lot of products. I tried using many big brand creamed but they left my skin feeling dry and dehydrated. I ordered the bundle and my skin takes well to the cream!

    Age: 18 to 24 years old
    Skin Type: Oily

    This moisturizer is my all time favourite. It lasts *so* long, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, easily goes on and can be diluted with water to go around my eyes and mouth, doesn’t make my skin break out, makes my skin shine and has helped me so much with my oily skin!!! I’ve used this product and the all mint cleanser to clear up my hormonal/cystic acne. It is so so so worth it!!!

    Age: 25 to 39 years old
    Skin Type: Acne Prone or Sensitive
    alpha vitamin c creme is a game changer

    personally i loved the lightweight vitamin c creme and i didn't think it could get any better. ALPHA ARBUTIN WAS SUCH A GREAT CHOICE! if you don't know, this ingredient is really good for many things: getting rid of hyperpigmentation, anti-aging properties, sun damage repair and overall skin brightening.i've been consistently using this for a bit now and my skin feels so plump and bouncy(??), if that makes sense.

    Age: 18 to 24 years old
    Acne scars

    does this product work for acne scarring?