10 Reasons To Use Natural Skin Care Products

10 Reasons To Use Natural Skin Care Products

By Hannah

It took seven years of  acne to finally change up my skincare regimen. It took so long for me to strive for healthier looking skin because I had made the decision long ago to accept the countless blemishes and pimples. My acne was continuous and none of the chemical products prescribed by doctors were working to clear my skin fully.

I thought if the best of the best stuff isn’t working for me then it has to be hereditary. I deemed my acne permanent and untreatable. This year, I made the transition to  eat healthier and to be more conscious of all the products I was consuming and buying for ethical and health reasons. I had little hope that my acne would clear up, but I knew I was making a conscious decision regardless. Little did I know that my decision would transform my skin and make me obsessed with facial products.

I honestly feel like my skin went downhill as soon as I turned 13 when I decided that for some odd reason it would be a good idea to use my older siblings’ skin care products. These items varied from strong  astringents to spot treatments. I was so young that I didn’t know what I was doing nor did I think about the laying process and what products not to mix together. I was piling up all these chemicals on my face.

It made sense that at 14 my face was severely congested and acne prone. I went to a dermatologist who told me I should wash my face with Dove soap only and use an extremely drying spot treatment called Epiduo and not to put any moisturizer.

Let me repeat that. The doctor told me NOT TO PUT ANY MOISTURIZER! Not only was my face incredibly dry from using Dove bar soap, but it was peeling from Epiduo and from not using any moisturizer.

For the next several years, I continued using those products but added a moisturizer. My acne got moderately better, but no substantial improvement was made. This would continue until I turned 22 this year where I made the amazing decision to go fully with natural skincare products with my skin care routine.

I started looking into ingredients that were completely natural and safe to put on my body. At the time that I was eating healthy, I was doing quite a lot of research and discovered how products affected our health tremendously.

One thing that I found astonishing is that when a product list the ingredient “fragrance”, it’s not only one specific ingredient used rather several ingredients combined together. The ingredient fragrance is a loophole for companies to put many other chemicals that we don’t know about since it’s not listed on the bottle. Also, companies are not required to tell the public what is in their fragrance since it is their right to protect their trade secret.

Knowing this, I decided to research on ethical brands that respected the environment and that used only  products. I started using organic raw honey to cleanse my face day and night and used shea butter moisturizer for the morning and healthy oils like avocado oil and rosehip oil for the evening. On my problem areas, I used tea tree oil and usually did this in the evening before hydrating oils. This exact skincare regimen has transformed my face entirely. My motivation and dedication to staying all natural stemmed from me discovering all the benefits I was reaping.


  1. Each product that I listed for my skincare routine contains one solid ingredient leaving no room to guess what chemicals the product contains.
  1.  All products are free of  fragrances and synthetic coloring.
  1. Every product is so gentle that you can use it anywhere on your body. This is a great indicator of safety and harshness level.
  1. Organic raw honey contains healthy antioxidant properties along with being antibacterial and antifungal.
  1. Tea tree oil  is anti-inflammatory and contains antimicrobial properties. This means that it has the function to calm inflammation and hyperpigmentation.
  1. You can end up saving a ton of money! No more face washes from Sephora that costs  $30+. Get yourself a huge jar of organic raw honey at the price of $8 bucks.
  1. Using healthy organic oils such as  avocado oil improves the moisture of the skin and enhance wound healing.
  1. You can usually buy natural skin care products in bulk which helps save money and consists of less shopping trips.
  1. You can find all these products almost everywhere! Every grocery shop you see and even in convenience stores.
  1.  Aside from personal benefits, you actually end up saving lots of animals who don’t have to get sick from testing.

I’m not telling all of you, Banish Soldiers to quit buying products that work for you if they’re not 100% natural nor am I asking you all to transition into the lifestyle that I have. Although I do recommend for everyone to be more conscientious of what they are consuming, I do respect that not everything I use will apply to the whole population.

We are all unique individuals with different skin types and we all hold different values. All that I am suggesting is for you to start exploring for healthier alternatives that can benefit you in tremendous ways. And to not give up on believing that your skin has the potential to improve.

Some of us will find that miracle product that transforms our lives while a lot of us will not find the solution. Remember to be patient with yourself and to feel good that you’re doing something about it!

It took me seven years to look at labels and ingredients. All of our situations can be worse. You’re already on the right track coming to this website where all the products are vegan and paraben-free!

Have fun with all the amazing BANISH products and gain back your confidence!

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