10 Acne Quotes That Only People With Acne Will Understand

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Do you have adult acne, acne, or acne scars?  These are some of our favorite quotes that either give us a laugh because of how true it is, or make us feel a little more empowered about our acne.  Let us know your favorites in the comments!

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1. You Just Can't Win.  When you get too old for pimples, that you go right into wrinkles. 

A fear of wrinkles seems to be one of the truths in skincare. But it's not something that should scare us. Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. It's still best to focus on prevention instead of treating the wrinkles that are not yet there. 

While acne is it's own beast, If you'd like to prolong getting wrinkles, focus on UV protection daily.

2. Does your skin ever do that thing where it's clear and perfect for a couple days and then all of a sudden it's like haha just kidding.

Acne seems to come and go whenever it pleases. Although acne completely disappearing can be permanent to an extent.  But acne may never fully go away, just stay in remission for a long time. The skin is a living organ that will change and get exposed to environmental factors that can damage the skin. There are also common triggers that people eventually get exposed to causing breakouts when pores become blocked with oil and dead skin cells. 

3. My SO: Strokes my cheek. Me: :)

Me on the inside: You're clogging my pores :(

Many people with acne may not like having their face touched. Although the gesture is nice, touching the face is one of the common sneaky habits that can cause breakouts because it brings extra bacteria and oils to the face and the extra touching may irritate already sensitive skin.

4. My hobbies include: Looking at skincare, buying skincare, applying skincare

Proper skincare is necessary because our skin is the most significant barrier against infection. Keeping skin healthy is making the wall strong. Choosing the correct skincare products is the best way to take care of our skin. 

5. Even with scars, wounds, and emotional baggage, you are beautiful. Free yourself from judgement and shame, as you vibrate higher daily.

There is a growing social movement of skin positivity. The community, in general aims, to uplift and promote self-care and self-love. In this time of the social media-driven world, many of us feel unnecessary pressure about our skin flaws. The impact on our mental health is often underestimated. Some skincare brands are making changes by tapping non traditional influencers and using people that better represent their customers. It aims to send the message that skincare is for all colors, all genders and all ages. And most of all, no one is left behind! 

6. When you run out of your favorite serum and think back on all the days you used too much.

Using a skincare product for the first time is so exciting! The instructions say to use a small pea sized amount but how many of us are guilty of applying more?  It is essential not to go overboard and slather too much on the face but instead use enough as recommended in the instructions to see the desired results. 

7. Me I'm Stressed.
By body: Here is some acne.
My Body: Because you're stressed.
Me: I know I'm stressed.
My Body: So did it help?

Stress has a significant effect on your body. It does not literally cause acne, but it can make the acne condition worse because when stressed, the body is proven to produce more oil-stimulating hormones.

8. She wore her scars as her best attire. A stunning dress made of hellfire.

Scars from any battlefield are valid. Nobody is perfect and with perfect skin!  Mindset plays a significant role in how we can embrace our skin. Scarred or ideal skin is not what will define us. Attitude works for the rest! The right attitude gives the right results.  

9. Every scar, every wound, every ache inside of you is a story. And stories are the wildest, most powerful things of all. Because stories can build galaxies or make entire universes break and bleed and fall.

From every wound, there is a scar, and each scar has a story to tell. The power of each spot is the measure of surviving and getting life out of it. We are made to be warriors! Continue life and choose better options as we enjoy the ride.

10. I spend an hour a day on my skincare routine, but haven't washed my hair in 4 days. Balance baby.

We skip washing our hair, but we do not forget to do our skincare routine. Unless we use styling products on our hair, we can hear from some hair experts who recommend not shampooing our hair every day. But we do not hear from skin experts to skip cleansing our skin.  

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