5 Tips for getting rid of Back Acne

September 23, 2020 0 Comments

By Meghan

Personally I’ve found that bacne is much more embarrassing than the pimples on our faces. Something about the fact that bacne can be more easily covered up, until the day you want to wear a bathing suit or worse, homecoming or prom. I’ve had the days where I made sure my hair covered my back, I scratched my itchy back and then all of a sudden I’m bleeding on my back.

I started having bacne young and I had kids pointing it out and telling me I “had something on my back.” In my years I’ve learned some tricks to help those suckers stay away back there. Here are some tips for beating that bacne you can try.

You can try treating it like your face. This is hard because reaching your back like that to clean, tone and treat isn’t quite easy. But it is do-able. I had my mom put proactive on my back for a long time until I realized that brand doesn’t work for me. If you have someone like a mom to help out don’t be embarrassed to ask. If not use both hands to apply the treatment by bringing one hand from over the shoulder and the other from the bottom!

Make sure you are using a right cleanser. A silly mistake is to think that your acne prone back, neck or shoulders should washed with your dove bar soap! Oh no! In my experience it seems either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide works for them, never both of them. So find which treatment you know works for you and use that on your back. I personally use a benzoyl peroxide wash that you can get in any drugstore and it seriously got rid of/prevents all of my acne back there!

Wash your hair first. While in the shower the first thing you should do is wash and condition your hair. Why? Well think of all that soap and conditioner running down your back that isn’t good for pimples or preventing them. Especially the conditioner, it's clogged pores waiting to happen. What I do is wash, condition, deep condition whatever first and then I throw my hair up in a clip to do the rest of my shower routine. I also take my hair off my back and condition it to the side or flip my head upside down, anything to keep it off my back.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub! The skin on your back is a lot thicker than the skin on your face. Get one of those brushes with a handle to get all corners of your back to exfoliate and really wash. I always scrub my cleanser into my skin this way. You can get a nice squeaky clean that way.

After a work out jump immediately into the shower! After a day or few hours of sweating you want to wash all that grim off right away. Letting that sweat dry and sit in your pores will only help more pimples grow!

Those are my tips. I hope at least one works for you!