Why You Keep Getting Acne In The Same Spots

getting acne in the same spots

When I started to get breakouts it was such a surprise. My forehead was never a problematic area; it was always my cheeks. It began as just a patch on one cheek and that patch would come and go. My acne would always stay and reoccur on my cheeks. 

Ever wondered and asked yourselves “Why do I keep getting acne in the same place?” or “Why does my acne  always appear in the same spot?” Oftentimes we tend to predict the spot of our next pimple and stress out too much about it.

We'll explain what it means when our acne pimples keep appearing on the same spot and how to treat reccuring acne.

For most of us, nothing can be more annoying than a recurring pimple that keeps appearing in the same spot where we last had it.

Why Is My Pimple Coming Back In The Same Spot?

Recurring acne can appear in all forms but it's usually cystic acne that reoccurs in the same spot which can be very frustrating as this is more of the severe and painful type of acne. 

The reason why cysts will reappear after they seemly heal is because it's created a ballon like sac and it can easily become more inflamed and fill up with pus and oil again according to dermatologist Joshua Zeichner.

Pimples may also reappear in the same place because a pore may have gotten scratched or injured and this injury makes it prone to getting  getting re-infected. Picking on these zits can loosen the cell lining of the pore and cause the clogged oil to go deeper into the skin, creating an inflammatory reaction.

Here are a few reasons why we keep getting pimples in the same spot:

  • That pimple might actually be a cyst that's still in the skin
  • We’re not popping whiteheads the right way
  • Poor habits like resting your face on your hand for long periods

Not popping whiteheads the right way – Is there really a right way of popping whiteheads? If so, how? We totally understand that it’s hard to resist popping a pimple or a whitehead, but there’s got to be a proper way of doing it. Force popping your pimples or whiteheads wrong could only further aggravate the acne by spreading the bacteria or damaging the pore. Should you want to really pop your whiteheads or pimples, it’s recommended to use a salicylic acid treatment or product with glycolic acid to remove that excess oil and prevent the pores from being blocked again.

Poor Hygiene/Habits – Poor hygiene/habits such as frequent touching of the face, not disinfecting your phone, and other habits play a big role in your acne as well and can lead to reoccurring acne in the same area.  Deanne Mraz Robinson, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale New Haven Hospital, offers a piece of advice on cleaning your phone weekly after a long call or chat aside from refraining from touching your face.

infographic on why am I getting acne in the same spots


Dealing with  stubborn, recurring acne does not have to take forever. There are many options on how you can treat or prevent that recurring acne aside from topical product treatments and habit changes mentioned earlier.

Here’s what you can do with your recurring acne:

  1. Leave it alone and avoid popping or picking at it
  2. Wash face twice daily and avoid over washing
  3. Use a warm compress to bring a cyst up
  4. OTC creams, ointments and medication
  5. Cortisone shot from a dermatologist 
  6. Consider prescription strength medication from a dermatologist if acne is severe, its better to prevent acne to reduce chances of scarring.


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