7 Ways on How to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite naturally

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How can you get rid of stretch marks and cellulite in a week? Maybe you have to don a bikini next Saturday at the pool party. Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks completely? It may be difficult, but let's try these great at home remedies for getting rid of stretch marks in a week! Here is an image of where stretch marks may occur:

Image and research taken here from the Journal of European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology


The Banisher 2.0 and Banisher 1.0 are great for reducing stretch marks and cellulite.

In order to treat stretch marks, we need to understand how they are formed.

Stretch marks can occur in men and women, teens and middle aged adults, in all different races and ethnicities. Stretch marks happen when skin grows rapidly-this usually happens during pregnancy, or during times of weight gain or puberty.

Where are stretch marks commonly located?

On stomach for pregnant women: In fact, 90% of pregnant women experience stretch marks!

Buttocks: What causes stretch marks in buttocks? Usually the buttock area can fluctuate, do you remember times when your butt grew or shrank? This is also why a lot of women have stretch marks on their hips. 

Breasts: During puberty, our breasts can grow rapidly! This causes the skin to stretch in the breast area. Additionally during pregnancy, the breasts can grow rapidly. 

When skin grows rapidly, the collagen and elastin fibers can be irregular due to the speed at which the skin has to replicate. Stretch marks can even be caused by muscles growing under the skin! Also be careful of what you use on your skin!

Even the lotions, creams and pills can cause stretch marks-look for ingredients like corticosteroid. 

Cellulite Cellulite, like stretch marks, are uneven patterns of skin on the body. Stretch marks are more like lines on the body, almost like 'tiger stripes' while cellulite is more of uneven skin and fat deposits, almost like cottage cheese.

Cellulite occurs when fat cells pushes up against connective tissues creating uneven skin underneath. Many factors are at play in causing cellulite: many of them include hormone fluctuations, hormone changes, unhealthy diet, diet high in fat, and insulin resistance. 

Moreover, cellulite is also caused my stress hormones. These stress hormones elevate the level of cortisol, which create fatty deposits under the skin. It may be an evolutionary way of our body storing fat underneath the skin for survival purposes. 

Cellulite is much harder to treat with topical solutions, but consistent healthy diet and lifestyle will help prevent more cellulite from forming over time. 

So how does microneedling work for stretch marks? 

Microneedling works by puncturing tiny little holes (microscopic to the eye) and forcing the skin to replicate and heal itself inside those tiny little holes. When L Ascorbic acid is applied in those holes, this will accelerate the production of skin cells, collagen and elastin fibers to smooth and further even out the skin. It’s the exactly same way microneedling works for acne scars-Microneedling is not just for acne scars, it’s for all over skin rejuvenating! Think of microneedling like an iron. It’s there to smooth all the little bumps and ridges.

It’s important to use natural products following using the Banish kit for stretch marks on the body. This is because we do not want to irritate areas where we just micro-needled with harsh ingredients. You can read more about Banisher mistakes HERE , All about the Banisher and FAQs about the Banish kit HERE.

How do you use?

  • First, clean the area thoroughly you are planning to microneedling with an alcohol pad. You can also take some alcohol on a makeup remove pad and wipe gently. This will make sure the area is clean and free from bacteria!
  • Pour isopropyl alcohol into the Banisher cap, filling up to the fill line. Screw on the banisher and let it soak for 5 minutes. Make sure the 24 karat gold plated titanium needles are completely submerged in the alcohol.
  • Shake off the alcohol from the banisher and you are ready to start!
  • Press the Banisher gently over the area, rotating the banisher every 90 degrees. This will help get as many microchannels as possible!
  • Right after you have covered the area (smaller is better at first), immediately apply the Banish oil, gently rubbing it in the area where you used the Banisher. Then layer with the Banish Vitamin C Creme. Repeat in other areas.
  • Consistently use the Banish 2.0 kit, once a week. You will notice a fading of the stretch marks and a brightened elasticity and luminosity to the skin.
  • What other natural ways can you reduce stretch marks naturally at home?

    1. Dry, dead cells build up every day to make the skin dull and feel rough. Exfoliation helps to remove dry and dead cells from the skin. It acts an agent for treating many skin problems including stretch marks. Regular exfoliation helps to reduce stretch marks to a greater extent. My favorite is using the PUMPKIN ENZYME MASQUE, which has naturally occurring glycolic acid and AHAs to slough off the dead skin cells. Apply some to your body area, rub in, and scrub off. I love using it in the shower.
    2. Stretch marks can be removed through scrubs. Mix one spoon of olive oil with two spoons of sugar or salt. If your skin is sensitive, then use sugar instead of salt. Add some lavender oil to the mixture to remove stretch marks. Massage the scrub into the wet skin and rinse it with lukewarm water after some time. Apply this pack once or twice on the affected area.
    3. Regular massaging of skin helps in removing stretch marks and cellulite. Oils containing vitamin E can be used as massaging skin for removing the dead cells. BANISH OIL has vitamin E as well as the most potent form of vitamin C. Almond oil is considered the best among the oil for removing toxins reducing the stretch marks and cellulite. Oil rich in vitamin E are safe ingredients during pregnancy and help the skin develop collagen and provide elasticity to the skin. This helps in repairing the stretch marks in the skin.
    4. Skins are prone to reduce its moisturizer in different climatic conditions. Try the Banish VITAMIN C CREME, which is a great moisturizer that sinks into the skin without making your skin feel greasy or goopy-I can’t stand the goopy oily feeling from popular moisturizers. Use the VITAMIN C CREMEright after you get out of the shower so your pores are open and the creme can really sink into your skin. You can make your moisturizer with ingredients of home. It can be made from equal proportions of olive oil, Aloe Vera, and wheat gram oil. You can also add vitamin E capsule to this mixture for better treatment. Coconut oil, coconut butter, shea butter is also a great moisturizer. Natural is key!
    5. Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient which has high qualities of collagen to help the skin to treat skin problems. BANISH OIL and VITAMIN C CREME have high amounts of aloe vera. The gel of Aloe Vera is used as a mask to remove stretch marks and cellulite. The gel has to be kept for one or two hours to absorb, rinse with lukewarm water. Regular usage of this gel helps in the skin to moisturize and helps in healing the stretch marks. The most effective way to get good quality Aloe Vera juice is through extracting juice from its leaves.
    6. Apply coffee grinds with olive oil in the affected area for removing dirt, dead cells. It moisturizes the skin by gently exfoliating and stimulating your skin naturally.
    7. Lastly, the old adage, "Time cures all wounds" applies also for treating your stretch marks. With time and patience, stretch marks will fade. 

    So there you have it. Some helpful, effective and natural home remedies on how to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite without affecting your budget.



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