Positively Radiant, Positively True

by:Amber Cozad


Since my main acne problem areas are my back and chest, I usually buy simple cleansers for my face that are not targeted at acne. Until about a year and a half ago, I only bought the cheap generic face washes because I did not believe that spending eight dollars on a product meant it would work better than a four dollar product. When I was over at a friend’s house sleeping over, I discovered that I forgot my face wash and asked if I could use hers. Of course she said yes, and that was the first time I used Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub.

After one use, I was hooked. I loved the texture of the microbeads and the calming smell of the product. Although microbeads have recently been banned in the United States due to their harming impacts on the ocean, I believe the product is still available for purchase. So if you’re not too concerned about being eco-friendly, I recommend giving this product a try before they stop manufacturing it!

The microbeads give the scrub a very gentle exfoliating effect, which was helpful to my skin because my face is very sensitive to exfoliation. The product leaves my face feeling smooth and fresh; after a couple weeks of using it, the gentle exfoliation really started to minimize my pores and leave my skin moisturized and soft.

Although this is a great product for gentle cleansing, it did little to help my acne when my face did break out. When I needed to start using an actual acne cleanser for my face, I began using the Aveeno Positively Radiant scrub as a makeup remover/face cleanser at night before I went to bed. The scrub is really effective in taking off makeup such as concealer and foundation, but as with most face washes it is not safe around eyes, so please don’t try it as mascara remover!

Overall, I would wake up in the morning feeling like my skin had an extra boost, and using the scrub at night in addition to my acne cleanser really made a difference in my skin’s texture.

When I look back, I think it is crazy that I never would have given this product a chance because of its price. Skin care products are always a gamble if you have never tried them before, but in this instance it was definitely worth the risk!

So if you’re like me, and not sure if you want to spend the extra two or four dollars on a product you really want to try, I say go for it! It could turn out to be a great decision! And if not, then you can always try something else or go back to your old cleanser.

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