Five Acne “Cures” That Didn’t Work for Me

by: Arlene

#1 Regimine

I have to say, I was very taken by at first. It made a lot of sense to me: In order to get rid of your acne, you have to overwhelm your face with meds (benzoyl peroxide) until your skin sheds, revealing new, healthy skin. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for me. I couldn’t get out of the incredibly dry, itchy phase, no matter how much lotion and jojoba oil I used. I gave it an entire year, until I finally resigned to the fact that it was not the miracle cure I had hoped for. Bummer.


#2 The Clarisonic

I used to do YouTube channels for acne and skincare (ironically, I stopped because I was too embarrassed by my acne), and a company sent me a giftcard to their beauty site so I could choose a product in exchange for a review. I took these reviews very seriously, because my face was the place where the testing was done. After a lot of research, I chose to try the Clarisonic Mia. “My skin looks and feels soooo much better!!!!” said one of the hundreds of reviews I read online. “Wait until the purging phase is over. You won’t regret it.” The truth is, I did. Although I gave it over four months, it just wasn’t working. In fact, it made a lot worse. My acne was inflamed, pores were clogged, and my entire face was completely irritated. Even though I had the most sensitive brush head available, it felt like I was scrubbing my face with a Chia Pet. All this to say, the Clarisonic was depressingly ineffective for me.


#3 Witchhazel

My mom told me she had read that witchhazel was great for skin issues. She began using it herself and raved about how smooth it made her skin. I decided to give it try, as it was one of the cheapest “miracle cures” I had heard of. Aside from the smell, which I’d describe as a mute, unpleasant odor, it was like rubbing my face with water — it did nothing for my skin. It was no better or worse, but I couldn’t have been too upset, it was only $1.50.


#4 Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

I remember once reading that apple cider vinegar, both topically and orally, helps clear out your system and calm acne. (Fun fact: as a child I chugged apple cider vinegar thinking it was just apple juice, leaving me sick in the bathroom for hours.) I really didn’t want to try this method, because I still can’t stand the smell, let alone taste. But, desperate as I was, I did. I made iced apple cider vinegar drinks every day and took a drenched cotton ball to my face in the mornings and evenings. Like the Clarisonic, I felt like my face was being scrubbed by something harsh. It was incredibly irritating, and, after several weeks, I chucked the bottle of vinegar in my trash.


#5 At-Home Blue Light

My mom’s friend works for Tria, which carries a blue light acne-fighting product that she always raved about. It retails for over $300, so when she bought me one for Christmas I was absolutely floored; this was my chance to try an expensive treatment that everyone said worked! It was simple enough to use: 2.5 minutes on my face, twice a day. At first, I thought I noticed my pores getting smaller and my face less congested — I was thrilled! Slowly but surely though, one zit after another popped up on my face, and I realized that my acne was still in full swing.

I gave it three whole months before I decided to give up. I have to admit, this was one of the most disappointing products; I had the exact acne they said it treated, yet when my three month trial was up, my face looked just as bad as when I started.


I’m obsessed with reading reviews. Have you tried something that was a “cult favorite,” but ended up being nothing more than a big disappointment? Let me know in the comments. Chances are, I’ve tried it, too…


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