Why Do Some People Suffer From Acne While Some Don’t?

May 19, 2016 0 Comments

By: Tracy Ming

Genetics plays a role in this, Some people are born with healthy skin that doesn’t build up with sebum because they produce a diluted sebum which doesn’t cause them to bear acne while others  suffer from pores filled with sebum because they produce a much thicker sebum. No matter the genetics, teenagers, somehow in their lifetime will experience acne.  

There has been a research from the UCLA, Washington university in St. Louis, and the Los Angeles Biomedical research institute, they have investigated that which of the two groups are you in ( Acne or non- acne), they published this post in “ Journal of the investigation Dermatology on February 2013.

Scientist contrast the build up of people with acne and those without, by studying the genetic marker, they have identified many sort of strains of a type of bacteria known as “Propionibacterium acne” ( P acne for short) that might be the cause of acne.

Researcher Huiying Li and her partners identified three major categories on which the bacteria affect the skin health;

  • The first bacteria was discovered both on acne and clear skin.
  • The second bacteria, mostly found in people with acne- prone skin, which may lead to pimple.
  • The third bacteria was mostly based on clear skin and scientist believe that they might have a solution against acne.

They still are baffled by this question and they wish to seek more information, which they will do their best to help people with acne.