Lifestyle Changes for Clear Skin

March 18, 2016 0 Comments

By: Lucille McClinn


It wasn’t until six years after suffering with acne that I realized I needed to do more than wash my face to cure it. There’s no doubt that it takes hard work and lots of time to get through it, but at the end, it’s worth it. It doesn’t only take topical products to get to clear skin, but plenty of lifestyle changes, too.

One thing that is important when trying to rid of acne is fitness. Fitness keep you healthy and relieves stress, which is a significant cause of acne. Getting in a twenty minute brisk walk every day can help you achieve good skin. Exercise also helps many other health issues like heart diseases and diabetes. Just remember to clean your skin after a vigorous workout so the sweat doesn’t clog pores.

Sleep is another significant factor of skin condition. When you get about 7-9 hours a night, it makes the skin appear brighter and healthier, and minimizes inflammation of breakouts. Getting to bed early will also reduce stress and benefit overall health. Another thing you can do to prevent acne and breakouts is to change your pillow case frequently. Pillow cases hold a large amount of bacteria from hair, face, and sweat. Changing it every 3-5 days and washing your pillow every 6 months can protect your face from bacteria and excess oil.

Diet has a major impact on acne. It is very vital to stick to vegetables and drink plenty of water. Foods that contain big amounts of dairy and sugar should be avoided, as they cause breakouts. Gluten, greasy foods, and alcohol can also cause bad reactions to skin. It’s best not to indulge in desserts and make a diet plan that includes foods with an ample quantity of fatty acids, greens, and meats.

Last but not least, the sun plays an effect on skin and acne scars. With certain medications, the sun can cause skin to flake and irritate it, then cause redness. The sun can also make scars appear darker and cause pimples to scar easily. Protect against the sun by using an oil free, heavy duty sunscreen and stay out of the sun as best as possible.

Once you have a plan to change your lifestyle, stick to it and find support. It’s hard to keep up, with so many temptations around you, but always remind yourself of the great reward.