You Are What You Eat!

By Kylie T.

You are what you eat. It’s true. You eat lots of fattening food? You get fat. You eat lots of healthy food? You get healthy.


That’s why you have to watch out what you’re eating everyday. Your skin really depends on the food you eat. The healthier you eat, not only is it good for inside your body, but it will also reflect out on your skin and hair. Eating unhealthy food such as candy, chocolate, chips all the time can cause you breakouts and other skin problems. Even if you wash your face everyday with a very expensive facial wash, but you eat unhealthy, it will not help your skin.


Remember to eat enough portions of fruit and vegetables in a day. Most fruit and vegetables help protect your skin in many different ways.  Aim for food that are rich in Vitamin C, as it is needed for a good immune system and it will help your break-outs heal. Some of the fruits that contain a good amount of Vitamin C include papaya, blackcurrants, and blueberries.


If you want to have healthy glowing skin, cut out all your junk food/fast food! Fast food is extremely bad for your health

DRINK WATER! In order to have nice skin, you need to keep yourself hydrated! Drink at least 7 cups of water a day. Keep a bottle in your bag when you go out and take a sip whenever you have time. Same goes when you’re home, keep a cup of water next to your table or desk and drink it from time to time. Don’t drink alcohol and drink more water.


Here are some food for gorgeous skin and hair:


  • Strawberries
  • - They contain lots of vitamins that are very good for anti-aging, and helps regenerate new skin. It is also good for the heart.


  • Olive oil
    • Reduces inflammation and lowers the risk heart disease


  • Green tea
    • Reduces inflammation and can prevent skin cancer


  • Broccoli
    • Contains lots of vitamin C and E and can guard you from UV damage


  • Nuts
    • Such as Almonds, as they contain lots of vitamin E prevents skin cancer, sun damage and age spots.


  • Carrots
    • Repairs skin damage, clears breakouts and good for your eyes as well!

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