Bio Oil For Acne Scars Review

January 30, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

By Irini Mina

 After having an unhealthy habit of popping my pimples, I ended up with a lot of acne scars that I now need to get rid of. To be honest, I believe that the scars can sometimes be worse than the pimples themselves. One day I decided that I needed a new product to help my scars fade, so I started the research by reading a good amount of reviews on fade creams and such, and then I came across Bio Oil for acne scars which a lot of people raved about.

At first, I was a little skeptical about it because I was sick of buying products that did nothing; throwing money out of the window like that is kind of a big deal for a college student. I eventually gave in and bought the small bottle to try it out and see whether it was as great as everyone made it to be.

As soon as I got home, I went straight to the bathroom and started my night routine without using the Retina that I would normally use at night. So, I washed my face with my African black soap, toned it with the Dickinson's witch hazel toner, and then I lathered a couple drops of the Bio Oil all over my face - a little goes a long way so do not over do it! My first impression was that my face felt moisturized, yet a bit greasy since the product took a bit to fully absorb. In addition, this was my day and night routine for about three and a half months, including an exfoliation once a week to get rid of all the deal skin building up.

The very next morning I did not see any improvements on my acne scars, but my face did have a bit of a glow to it. On the back of the bottle it suggests that you use the product twice a day for three months, and if you see no improvements on your scars then stop using it, and so I did.

All in all, after using the bio oil for acne scars for three and a half months, I did not see any impressive improvements on my face, nor evenness on my skin tone altogether; however, it did keep my face moisturized, and I now use it on top of my Retina at night as a moisturizer, rather than an acne scar treatment.