Staying Hydrated : How Water Gave Me Clear Skin

By Kaitlyn Sisco

Humans are helpless without one thing on earth. That thing is water. Water is a major component of the earth and the humans on it. The majority of our bodies are made with water, and this is one thing we cannot go without.

 If you are not properly hydrated your skin cannot do its job. It would be worried about getting some moisture other than properly fighting off acne-causing bacteria in the skin. Water flushes out your system in a refreshing and cleansing way, removing all of the toxins from underneath your skin and giving it a glow.

Being hydrated is something I have struggled with, water doesn’t have the most flavorful taste to me, and I like my drinks sweet. But I have to remember every time I think I do not want to drink it,  that every cup is making my skin healthier. Even though water is very healthy, I would suggest to not use old water that is in the same cup or bottle that you drank out of a few days ago. Your mouth has so much bacteria, and that bacteria multiplies when you are leaving your water out. The bottle or cup is infested with tiny bacterium, and drinking that water that is days old with hundreds of bacterium could end up harming your skin more than helping it.

Most of the time, though, water is nature’s moisturizer. My skin doesn’t have to worry about being a dry, cracked mess anymore. I can wake up in the morning, get hydrated, and moisturize my skin all at the same time. People forget about the natural products when using all of the chemical ones. People don’t think that clear skin can be so easily achieved by water. I know I didn’t believe it, but I have found that my skin looks as amazing as ever. I have that “J-Lo Glow”, if you will.

I, personally, try to gather my own spring water. I do this about once every month. The natural, unfiltered water really helps the condition of your skin. The earth is made for living beings, so why not use what it has to offer. The natural water has good bacteria that cleans out your system. You are living off of what the earth has given to you, and it is a lot cheaper than going to the store and buying bottled water. You can find a spring near you at a website called I love this website and really appreciate it showing me where the closest natural spring to me is located.

I drink this water in a mason jar, and by doing something like this, you are not only helping the environment by not putting more plastic out there, but you are also helping yourself in the long run. Hydration is a key component in living a healthy life for your insides as well as your outsides. You can achieve clear skin by working on what you put in your body, and that product that you put in your body can be water.

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