3 Reasons To Stop Picking At Your Face

August 18, 2017 0 Comments

I am guilty of picking my face for quite a while, and when I say picking I really mean: picking, popping, scratching, lacerating, poking (needles, toothpicks..whatever.) And although I am STILL guilty of popping a pimple that has come to a complete head, I have learned that I did most of these things because it is the ONLY way I felt I had control over my situation. When I stopped touching my face and tried to just leave my acne alone I found it really helped clear it up. I no longer had such flakey skin, my makeup applied easier, and my face was basically just a cleaner environment. Here are 3 reasons to stop picking at your face..


We all have heard about the gross things that are lurking under our fingernails and on our hands. It’s no secret that we never completely get everything off. It is said that there could be up to half of a million different types of bacteria on our hands at any given time. When we pick our face it can lead to an open wound or scab, if you continue touching that area you are letting even more acne-causing bacteria back into it. This in itself can stunt the healing process, scabs are our body’s way of healing the wound, try not to pick it off!

Reverse effect:

I have recently learned a different concept about popping pimples. To me, popping them felt like I was releasing the icky stuff from my pores. I thought that the only way to get rid of a pimple was to pop it because how else was it going to get out? This theory suggests that in fact, when you pop a pimple only a portion of the ‘icky stuff’ is coming out, and the rest of it is being lodged deeper down into the pore. I think that this makes a lot of sense when you think about it, there are two sides to a pimple, so with the pressure of popping the zit, it is probably not all shooting outward. This theory really helped me to stop popping everything that appeared on my face because I don’t want to clog my pore any further than they already are.

Our Skin Heals On Its Own

Our skin is truly an amazing healer all on its own. I know that we often need help from different products, doctors, and treatments to keep our skin healthy. But, when we are picking at our already disturbed skin we are really not helping the process, it knows what it’s doing. A scab is a barrier to protect the wound from bacteria and other harmful things that it may come in contact with. How awesome is it that our body has the capability to create its own band-aid? Sometimes when we try to be our own dermatologist and try to perform our own operations such as lacerating, poking, or popping your acne we are instead going against our bodies own process of curing these issues.

I always secretly knew that picking at my face was not doing me any good, but in a way, at least for me because I'm a pop-a-holic it always gave me some sort of satisfaction. While there are definite reasons to stop picking at your face, I am just as stubborn to follow my urge. Of course, there are always special exceptions to this advice if your doctor or dermatologist ever tells you to pop or ‘pick’ something there may be a good reason for it, but if there is they’ll probably do it themselves with sanitary tools. A good alternative to picking can be to use a hot compress to release pressure from a cyst or zit. I use a wash rag under hot water and hold it to the cyst until the rag becomes cool, and repeat as necessary.