Follow my 10 Year Acne Journey: Ages 22-23

acne journey

By: Rachel Mazza

My Acne Story: 22-23

When I was about 22, for some reason unknown to me, my acne returned. I don’t recall doing anything radically different that might have brought it on (though really, who can say for certain what can cause acne?). However, this time it appeared not on my forehead but on my cheeks. It was just a few spots to start but then rapidly spread faster than the acne on my forehead ever did. I was so incredibly frustrated because I thought my skin was over this and wouldn’t break out anymore. 

I tried various face washes and acne treatments that did so little for my face that I don’t even recall what they were. I was working a decent job so I decided to go to what is called a ‘medical spa’. This place offers skin and laser treatments for things like acne scars, stretch marks, tattoo removal, wrinkles, etc. The treatments are classified as cosmetic surgery so before deciding to go through with something like this, really do your homework and make sure you are going to licensed professionals who are easily searchable online, have good reviews and recommendations.

In order to get the best results, and to make sure everything goes as expected, make sure the doctors are willing to sit down and fully explain the process to you and answer any questions. Make sure they really know about your skin type, any products you have used recently, if you’ve had any treatments in the past year or so. Tell them (in general) how your skin reacts to products you have tried in the past and if you have any allergies. They will ask you to sign a waiver saying they have explained the risks to you and that you have been honest about your past skin treatment and medical history. A legitimate place will always ask you to sign this. Make sure you ask about prices straight up so you will not be surprised by any hidden costs. Ask if the price is per treatment or for a series of treatments, as some procedures require more than one treatment. Some also require you to purchase aftercare lotions and creams, so having a complete picture of the cost before you begin is advisable.

Before they started any treatment, I went in for a consultation, all of the above was gone over and they listed various treatment options for me to try. I then decided which one I thought would be best based on their recommendations. After asking consent and having me sign a permission form, they took ‘before’ photos of my face for their records and website. 

After careful consideration, I decided to get a VI Glow Peel.

 To Be Continued...


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