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By: Rachel Mazza

My Acne Story: Banish Roller

I’m a really impatient person. So while the coconut oil is great for fading scars and the Tetralysal is preventing breakouts, I wanted the scars to fade faster. After extensive searching on the internet via YouTube reviews, I discovered the Banish Roller. It had consistently good reviews with no side effects. I was skeptical at first because I just couldn’t understand how rolling a little wheel on your face could fade scars but the science behind it makes a lot of sense once I learned what was actually going on.

The small punctures the roller makes sort of remind the skin that it needs to heal the scar. Coupled with the Vitamin C, E, Ferulic Acid serum that also helps to repair the skin, I have noticed dramatic fading. I bought the 0.5 roller and it would have taken six months or more for the scars to fade as much as they already have after using the roller five times so far. After the first use, I noticed the scars had started to change shape. Instead of being dense and reddish pink they had flattened out, turned brown and started to fade away into my normal skin tone.

I am so happy to have found products and treatments that work after years and years of feeling ugly and self-conscious about my acne. I never wanted to get close to people or have short hair because I felt like I couldn’t hide the acne. Even though I know it’s not true, I couldn’t help but feel like it's all people saw when they looked at me. Now with the Banish roller, I finally have hope that clear skin is achievable. I’m excited to try out some of the other Banish products. If they work as well as the roller and Vitamin serum, I’m sure I will love them!

Side note: I’ve also given up any sort of cover up make-up especially when using the roller. It was really tough at first because I was really insecure about my acne and scars, but I was doing more damage and making the problem worse by clogging my pores up with make up. I wanted it to heal up as quickly as possible so that meant NO cover up for me. The only times I wear it are for special occasions like if I know I’m going to have my picture taken a lot, job interviews or dates where my concern over how I look outweighs the risk of breakout. When I get home, I immediately wash my face with my exfoliates until all of the make up is gone. However, I often find I’m still washing the cover up out of my skin the next day. It sucks to not be able to hide the scars, but your face is going to heal so much faster if you aren’t loading up your pores with make-up.

Products mentioned:

BANISH 0.5 Roller 10/10

BANISH Vitamin C, E, Ferulic Acid serum 10/10

Before and After 1 month of use:



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