Ever Been Swimming With Acne?


Ever Been Swimming with Acne? 

By: Megan

It’s a beautiful day at the beach. All of your friends are carefree, splashing in the water and soaking up the warm sun. The water looks so refreshing and fun, but you’re stuck on the beach. Sweating your makeup off and hoping no one sees what’s poking through. Yes, this may sound dramatic but it describes my teenage summers. I wouldn’t leave the house without a full face of makeup. Sleepovers were no exception. When everyone else went to wash their face before a night of prank calling our friends, I sat with a face full of makeup until I left the next morning. It wasn’t until I moved in with my boyfriend at 19 did I go without makeup, and even then I only took my makeup off late at night. For the first time in years my skin has finally calmed down enough to let it breathe.

Scarring? That is a whole different issue. Summer sunlight doesn’t help disguise any of the uneven texture issues so many of us suffer from. There weren’t as many options when I was in high school as there are now, and that was only 10 years ago! I always dreamt of a spackle-type product, even a foundation that worked like wood filler, anything to get rid of the aftermath of acne. I would go to extreme lengths to get rid of pimples growing up, and the damage I did to my skin instead of just letting the pimples go away themselves has caused serious damage to my skin now.

We just went camping this weekend with some friends of ours, and I couldn’t even go one day without something on my face. I just bought a tinted BB cream with salicylic acid to see if it would work on days where a full foundation routine is too much. It seems to be working, the coverage is great and I haven’t noticed much change as far as breakouts go. It’s easier covering up the sunken textures than the bumps, but no matter which I am dealing with it is still a flaw that I feel must be concealed no matter what situation I’m in.

My hopes of using the derma rolling method are that it does two things. First, is that it creates a smoother canvass that I can feel confident with in the sun, under the fluorescent lighting at work, even at home with no makeup. Second, my hope is that this product will give me one less thing to worry about and let me be free of my own perceptions of my skin. I am my worst critic, especially when it comes to how obvious my skin condition is. The upside of that, is when I feel beautiful, it shows brighter than any flaw I have on my face. My hope is that dermarolling will help bring that out more.



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