DIY pore minimizer

DIY pore minimizer

By: Wafi Habib 

If you’re like me and you have ginormous pores then this little tutorial is for you! Large pores can really lower someone’s self-confidence, well at least for me anyways. I used to wake up and look in the mirror to see these miniscule little holes on my face just glaring back at me; there were so many that someone with trypophobia would get the chills looking at them. But lucky for you, I have an easy DIY pore minimizer to fix this! (Courtesy of my sister)

What you need:

  • Foundation (make sure it’s a shade that matches your face)
  • Translucent powder (or baby powder)
  • Moisturizer
  • Something to mix with
  • Something to store the product in


  1. Depending on how much you want, put as much moisturizer into your container.
  1. Begin to add your powder, bit by bit, mixing it up every time. You should stop once the moisturizer starts to turn a little matte.
  1. Once done, add in a little foundation and mix. Just remember: the less you add, the lighter it will look on your skin. The more you add, the darker it will look on your skin. It’s all about preference.


  • Take a small amount and swipe it over the areas of your face that has large pores. Then begin to pat it gently into your skin. Patting allows the cream to get pushed into the pores and essentially fill them.


  • Use this cream as a primer before you apply your makeup.
  • Don’t rub it around as it won’t have the full effect; rubbing won’t help to push the cream into your pores.
  • If your skin breaks out easily and you are a little paranoid (like me), you can also add some tea tree oil into the mixture. 
  • With this cream, since you are filling up your pores, try not to overuse it as it can lead to breakouts. Only use it when you are going out.
  • When wearing this cream, never forget to wash your face after. You don’t want it sitting in your pores while you sleep. But then again, we all wash our face before we sleep anyways (well I hope so).

So yeah, that’s about it for this little tutorial for the DIY pore minimizer! I hope whoever is reading this will find this useful. And just a reminder, this cream worked for me so that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for everyone else (I hope it will though because this cream is honestly a miracle worker).

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