SUMMARY: Top 10 Tips To Clear Your Skin

SUMMARY: Top 10 Tips To Clear Your Skin

By: Kate E. 

  1. Eat pure:

Remember, acne is a symptom more than a problem. It’s a reaction caused by your body when its not working as efficiently as it could be. Try eating as pure as possible – so no fried/oily foods, processed foods, artificial flavors, preservatives etc. its all junk that your body really doesn’t need and can’t process in large amounts. Try to eat as many fruits, vegetables and wholegrain foods as you can.

  1. Exercise:

And really get into it, really sweating and actually moving your body well. Push yourself and get your blood pumping. This will help oxygenate your cells and get fresh blood to the surface of the skin. This will help the healing process and will unclog pores. Also, the endorphins released will give you a great positivity and energy boost. When exercising, do not wear face makeup – the sweat and makeup will cause your skin to break out in a congested mess. Also, wash sweat off your skin after exercising.

  1. Drink water:

Fairly obvious, but drinking water will flush toxins out of your body and cleanse your organs. This will help the healing process and prevent new breakouts, allowing your skin to heal previous damage. Aim to drink 2-3 litres a day and add lemon for an extra detoxifying effect.

  1. Go natural:

We absorb everything we put onto our skin and when trying to heal acne its so important that we aren’t piling a load of chemicals onto our skin. This helps it to heal faster because it isn’t trying to combat unnatural toxins. The same applies for makeup – we absorb it all so if your serious about healing your scars, lay off the foundations and concealers so your skin can put all energy towards healing, rather than absorbing and combatting chemicals.

  1. Keep it simple:

Don’t overdo your skincare routine with heaps of steps and products – its just not natural and wont help you in the long run. It’s important that your skin doesn’t become dependent on chemical skincare products so it can learn to heal itself and you don’t want to mess with your skins natural healing process. Go for natural products and keep your routine minimal.

  1. Get lots of sleep:

This will help your body heal and help you to combat stress. Your body needs sufficient time each night to heal your skin and will set you up better to face everyday pressures – meaning less stress breakouts.

  1. Keep a clean pillowcase:

So simple but this will keep your face from rolling in old skin oils, sweat, tears, makeup and bacteria that build up over time.

  1. Keep your hair tied back:

Again, this is a simple matter of hygiene. With acne it’s common (and completely understandable) to want to hide behind your hair but it can be unnecessarily placing bacteria and oils onto your skin throughout the day, so causing more congestion and breakouts. If you’re serious about getting rid of your acne, try keeping it off your face for a while.

  1. Don’t touch your skin:

Touching your skin will just spread oils and bacteria and waiting for a few spots to go away is better than having scars that take so much longer to heal. If you have a big whitehead, for example, and it would be really easy to squeeze – then do it gently and remove the infected puss so it doesn’t go onto other pores around the pimple. It might sound gross but you really need to wait until its ready to avoid scarring.

  1. Sun protection:

Protecting your skin from harsh UV rays is important in healing acne scarring in particular due to the natural pigmentation of your skin, which will get darker and more obvious if exposed to the sun. Try an oil-free sunscreen that is specifically designed for use on the face and wont clog pores.

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