How Banish gave me my skin back

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Allison's Acne Story and how she got her healthy skin back!

Growing up I always had perfect skin, it wasn't until my sophomore year of high school when it started to get worse. I broke out like crazy and tried every skin care product from stores. Nothing worked. Even medicines from the doctor would just dry out my skin and not clear up my acne. I spent so much money on products that didn't work. It was frustrating to have such bad acne and nothing would clear it up.

I was so insecure about the way my skin looked, I would always be wearing makeup to try and hide how bad it really was. Makeup made me feel more comfortable in doing my day-to-day activities. I was so embarrassed about the way my skin looked, I wouldn't be able to leave the house without makeup on. That's not how I wanted to live my life, I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin and not have to rely on makeup to make me look decent.

Finally, I discovered Banish. My roommate first found banish and she let me try her pumpkin enzyme masque. I was amazed at how much it helped my skin after just one use. I then ordered my own pumpkin enzyme masque and the vitamin c elixir and they helped clear up my skin and fade my acne scars.

After every use I was noticing incredible results. I was finally feeling confident with my own skin again. Then I ordered the aloe and the charcoal masque and loved them! Every product I have tried from Banish has helped my skin tremendously and I would recommend these products to anyone suffering from acne. I love that these products are all natural and safe. Because of Banish I am now comfortable enough to not wear makeup.

I am not embarrassed of my skin anymore, these products have cleared my skin and faded my acne scars. I never thought I would find products that works so good! I can't thank Banish enough for saving my skin and giving me incredible results, now I feel beautiful without makeup on. These products have changed my life for the better, and I recommend these products to anyone suffering with acne because they will help your skin!

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