Clarisonic vs Vanity Planet Review

Vanity Planet Spin For Perfect Skin vs. Clarisonic Review

By: Kate E. 

I am sure everyone is interested to read any review about clarisonic vs vanity planet. Well, here it goes.

The Vanity Planet brush comes with four detachable heads for use on the face and body. It exfoliates, reduces the appearance of pores, removes bacteria and makes the skin so much clearer. You can use it with or without a cleaner, I would personally recommend using with a liquid cleanser so bacteria, oils, and dirt can be removed more efficiently. The brush motion will make the qualities of your cleaner more effective due to the soft bristles of the brush, which go deep into the pores, loosen dirt inside and remove any gunk that may be causing congestion and breakouts.

The circling motion of the brush is gentle and makes the skin glow after use because the movement stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin. It’s really great to use on the face because it’s so gentle and makes the skin on the body so soft and smooth also. It costs $100 (USD) from the vanity planet website, but there are discount codes so you can get it for much cheaper. 

The Clarisonic is a much less gentle spinning brush with just one detachable head. This brush to be used only on the face, but I do use it on my body sometimes too. There are other models of the Clarisonic designed specifically for the body, but I use one designed for the face. It makes my skin smooth and soft, reduces the appearance of pores and removes dirt, bacteria, and oil when used with a cleanser.

When I bought my Clarisonic it came with a sample of the Clarisonic deep pore daily cleanser, which works so well with the brush and made my skin clear up after just a few uses. I did stop using the cleanser, however, because I have recently started going for more natural alternatives and I didn’t want my skin to become dependent on the chemical cleanser. It has a similar circling brush motion to the Spin For Perfect Skin brush but is much harsher, which I did like at first but now feels like I am damaging my skin when I use it too often.

It does get deep into my pores to remove gunk so I normally use it once a week. It stimulates blood flow and invigorates the skin, leaving it so smooth after use. In Australia, I bought mine for about $140 USD.

Overall, I would recommend trying the Vanity Planet Spin For Perfect Skin brush, over the Clarisonic. It has similar effects, in terms of exfoliation and unclogging pores but is much more gentle and affordable. So there goes my clarisonic vs vanity planet rating.

And always remember that after cleansing,  I would recommend using my Banish Kit to help with reducing the appearance of acne scars.  

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