4 Skin Care Mistakes That May Hinder Your Healing

By: GraysonT

As a sufferer of acne, I have perused the web for possible treatments and have come across so many sketchy treatments that are it is shameful. You may already know this, but everything you come across on the internet is not reliable. A good rule to stick to is, if it sounds ridiculous, it probably doesn’t work. Use your instincts. I know how hard it can be to resist that new natural treatment that a forum member is raving about but save yourself the time, money, and effort and if there is no evidence to back it up from a reliable source, it probably is not worth it. In my battle with acne, I have learned a few things that may help you.

1. Do your research

I’ve said it before so I’ll say it again, if it has no backup, it probably isn’t true. Anecdotal evidence may be enough for some but don’t let it lure you. Many articles will use the term “studies show” to maybe add some ethos into their argument. If there is no reliable source at the bottom of that page or a link the author provided, chances are, it just is not worth it. So do your research. Say some forum member is raving about that 100% organic whatever, search it up. Look for reputable studies, ask your dermatologist or doctor, and look at other’s reviews on it. If there is a new product that someone is raving about, look at the ingredients. Save yourself time and money and do some research.

2. Use your instincts

If something seems unbelievable, then it probably is. A common tip I see frequently on the web is using a fresh lemon and applying it to your face. Sounds a little silly huh? That’s because it is; lemon is a potent skin irritant and can cause more problems than it can cure. Some are obvious and some are hidden. As a safe precaution, ask your dermatologist.

3. Expensive is not (always) better

Many of you are tricked into thinking that the most expensive something is, the more it will benefit your skin, and I don’t blame you, I fall into that notion many times. Beautiful packaging, appealing ads, and marketing can be very tempting but think twice about buying that $300 serum to fade away wrinkles with one use. Almost always, there are cheaper alternatives that you can find for a fraction of the cost with a little research.  For example, fancy ingredients that sound exotic on a pristine, glass delicate bottle for the purpose of a cleanser is tempting, but a cleanser has one job, to clean away dirt and grime on your skin. You can find a $8-15 one that does the same job. Don’t be lured into the marketing scheme, and it always goes back to tip 1, do your research.

4. Treat one skin concern at a time

This is probably the hardest one of all. In this day and age, we seek instant gratification and thus we seek to solve our skin woes as fast as we can. Many of us, including me, make the mistake of treating too many things at once. For example, if you are still breaking out very frequently, please don’t do anything for scarring. Avoid chemical peels, micro needling, lasers, or anything of the sort. It will aggravate your acne and worsen it. I know it is brutal to have acne and scars at the same time but wait until you have your breakouts under control before doing anything for those scars. Banish supplies the pen stamp which is a great tool for those suffering from breakouts but still want to treat scarring and redness.

That concludes the tips and I hoped you found it helpful. When in doubt, always ask your dermatologist. Everyone is different and it is important to consult your personal doctor to make a personalized approach to suit your needs. Thank you for reading and have a great day

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