4 Types of Acne and How to Treat It

June 15, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments


types of acne

What’s acne?  Acne is a condition where an oil gland get blocked.  Simple as that!   Many people don’t know this but the pore is actually where the oil gland is located!  And this is pretty interesting, but the reason why the face seems to look more oily compared to the body is because the oil glands are separated further from each other on body skin, while pores are located super close to each other on facial skin.  


1. Blackheads 

Blackheads are a blocked pore at the surface that doesn’t result in any inflammation.  If the oil clogging the pore is exposed to air, then it oxidizes and turns black.  

You can prevent blackheads by keeping pores clear with gentle regular face washing especially right after exercising. Using oil absorbing products like the activated charcoal clay masque can help with reducing blackheads too.  

 2.  Whiteheads

Whiteheads happen when a clogged pore gets inflamed or infected and a small bump at the top is formed.  They may or may not come to a head.  You can use the activated charcoal clay masque to combat the clogged pore + pumpkin enzyme masque to increase skin turnover to prevent whiteheads and have them clear up faster. 

3 . Cystic Acne

Characterized by deep and large acne bumps.  Sometimes they can come in clusters and they’re usually painful and infected.  Once you have it, you just have to wait it out but you can ice it or use the pore smasher to ice it which can reduce the inflammation, pain and swelling.    It’s best to prevent it from occurring by using products that have glycolic acid so try the pumpkin enzyme mask.  Also cystic acne is usually due to hormones so a dairy-free diet with limited amount of refined sugars may help.  

4.  Hormonal acne

You can tell it's hormonal when your breakouts seem to get way worse during the time of the month. Characterized by acne near the chin and jawline.  When you are sensitive to hormonal change, it’s best to be very consistent or careful with what birth controls you use.  Some are higher in androgen levels than others.  There are also ways you can reduce hormonal acne through medication prescribed by your doctor,  and some people have had success in herbs and supplements like mint tea or nettle.  Going on a plant based, or dairy free diet has helped many people too due to the hormone imbalance consuming dairy or meat may cause.  

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