Fight Acne with Food

October 08, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

By Michelle

Every day, we always hear of the many foods and products to avoid for acne sufferers. Things like “Not too much sunscreen!” or “Stay away from that donut!” constantly flood our minds all day long. But, do we ever think of what we should eat as much as what we shouldn’t?

Although avoiding harmful things such as pore-clogging creams or greasy French fries will help, keeping key nutrients generous in your diet will drastically improve your skin as well. Here are the top three nutrients to always remember to keep in your daily diet.

The first one on the list is probably already in your kitchen. All forms of this food group have tons of essential nutrients, like fiber, vitamins, and plenty of antioxidants. Have you already guessed it? If you thought fruit, you’d be correct!

Especially for acne sufferers, fruit is an extremely important part of a balanced diet. Although fruits can differ in nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, there is no fruit that one should avoid or think is unhealthy.

All fruits act as a cleaner and a repairer, by cleaning our intestines and supplying us with needed nutrients. So, don’t be afraid of the sugar content, because this group is too good to miss out on! Secondly, vegetables are another key element to always include in abundance to your diet.

Like fruit, all vegetable are incredible sources of amazing nutrients, like vitamin A, C, and K. Also, vegetables have amazing amounts of fiber content, keeping the inside of your body clean and well- balanced.

So, grab another pack of spinach or carrots on your next grocery trip, and begin to feel lighter, brighter, and healthy. Lastly, doing research and finding key superfoods for fighting inflammation in your body will immensely improve the severity of breakouts.

The two most well-known foods that fight inflammation and can be found all year long are fresh garlic and ginger. Both have incredible anti- inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, which over time can drastically change the look of your skin.

There are many uses for fresh ginger, including brewing it for tea, adding it to smoothies, and even adding it to some baked goods and dishes. As well as ginger, garlic can be added to many meals also, whether that’s mixing it in a pasta sauce, adding it to stir fried vegetables, or even eating it raw, if you can handle the strong taste. Whatever method you use, the power of these two superfoods can transform your skin.

Although there are a numerous amount of other foods that have the same anti-inflammatory effect, just adding one food at a time that will fight inflammation into your diet will drastically help when it comes to harsh breakouts. The route to clear skin is colorful, so be sure to supply your body daily with these amazing foods.

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