Makeup that Gives Back: 100% Pure

By Michelle

safe makeup for problematic skin

Makeup has become an empowering element in women’s life all around the globe. It gives us confidence, self-respect, and even happiness. But along with all that new self-confidence and energy in a bottle, harmful ingredients and preservatives can also await you. But, what if there was a makeup brand without all the pore-clogging chemicals, and only added simple and pure ingredients that can actually help your skin? Well, there is! The brand is called “100% Pure”, and they truly do stand by their name.

“100% Pure” is a highly-rated makeup brand that only uses natural and skin-nurturing products to not only give you a beautiful makeup look, but even more beautiful skin over time. The brand never uses harsh preservatives, chemical dyes, parabens, or even clogging mineral oils. It’s simply pure! By now you may be asking, “Well, what is it made out of then?”

Although there are numerous ingredients that vary in each product, common ones are organic aloe leaf juice, cocoa bean, organic white tea leaf, and all kinds of fruit extracts. Each product is full of antioxidants and vitamins that will not only protect your skin, but repair it. So, the guilt of wearing makeup during a long day at work or school can now be nonexistent!

Just like any other makeup brand, “100% Pure” has all kinds of makeup items that can fit perfectly in your makeup routine. For the face, consumers can choose from an array of primers, tinted moisturizers, cream foundations, powder foundations, concealers, and endless highlighting blushes. “100% Pure” also carries eyeshadow powders and creams, liquid liners, and all kinds of mascaras, infused with lovely ingredients such as green tea, vitamin E, and cocoa powder.

As for lips, the list couldn’t be longer. Choose from cream sticks, anti-aging lipsticks, lip stains, lip glazes, or even simply replenishing lip balms. All of their products are ranked high in quality and lasting power, so choices with this brand are truly endless.

The brand also carries other lines of products such as hair care, nail polish, and baby care, but their makeup products are what makes “100% Pure” a natural brand unlike any other. Both the ingredients list and the finished makeup look are lovely, so no more needing to sacrifice coverage or bold eye looks for better ingredients. Although the prices aren’t the lowest, the quality and look of their makeup is well worth it.

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