Having Acne Doesn't Mean You'll Be Forever Alone

By Sierra

The most challenging things about having acne is the fact that it is on your face. You can't just leave your face at home or cover it up (well I guess you can with makeup). Having acne as an adult is a struggle for me at least because it makes me feel like others may view me as younger than I am because acne is something we often associate with adolescence.

The most annoying thing about having acne has been explaining to kids what is “wrong” with my face and random beauty advice from strangers. I’ll never forget when I was having a really bad breakout and my little cousin grabbed my face and asked “what are all these bumps” I tried to explain to her that they were pimples and of course she had no idea what I was talking about.

She was so concerned because they were huge and inflamed. I appreciated her concern but I was so embarrassed because she asked in front of a lot of people and they all just stared at me. “AHH”! talk about awkward. One of my happiest moments with acne is the fact that the people who love me and see me for me were not bothered at all and did not fail to remind me that I was not my acne and how beautiful I was regardless.

I remember I had just started dating this new guy when my last bad outbreak was beginning to subside. He never failed to tell me I was beautiful despite how ugly I felt and he is FINE so that was definitely a confidence booster. Regardless if he noticed my skin or not he was able to see me from the inside out which is all that really matters anyways.

Here we are a year later and he still compliments me, we even talked about the whole transformation my face has made and he said he always noticed but he never cared. Although I hate acne… I appreciate it because it made me who I am. In life we all have flaws and the more we embrace them the less they will affect us.

I’m all for taking your weaknesses and making them strengths. As always whenever I gain meaningful knowledge I spread the word. I am SO looking forward to using the Banish Acne products not only for my personal results but also to tell others about it. My birthday wish is always the same to have GREAT skin without makeup. So I am speaking it into existence and my next birthday this wish will finally come true. 

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