By Mari

Well, as you can tell, I have got a lot to say about acne. That is one of the main reasons why I was willing to share my experience to Banish. I stumbled upon Banish through Facebook and Instagram and I read lots of reviews and when I saw the part about trying almost everything just to get ride of acne, I can totally relate. I never shared how I feel about my acne other than with my relatives who always told me to put my hair up because the dirt must be contributing to the acne on my face or my parents who have also been buying so much products just to be able to help me not feel at pain with the acne I have or my boyfriend who has been giving me also advices since his acne cleared up just recently.


Trying many products for the skin to cure acne was a really big challenge for me since I could not afford much, acne products are quite expensive. I tried selling my things just to buy some products that costs around 2,000 php, when converted that costs around $44. I have learned that having acne is part of puberty and that I cannot easily run away from it. I have to face it with whatever I can and give it all that I have got because if I can’t help myself, who will?


From wondering how I got acne to knowing where and how I got it. I have to say it truly is an unfortunate experience, but I also have to say that I gained to be confident with whatever I am experiencing. I learned that everything has a purpose or everything has a reason as to why I am suffering from acne. I am positive that I will get through this challenge and that crying about it will not ever help me. I am willing to be patient enough to have many, many trial and error tests just so I could find the products that my skin would like. I am going to keep moving forward and not give up and stop on my journey to clear skin so that one day, I could share the world that I am someone who has been through a lot as well and that I have not given up ever since I got acne. When my face gets better and my acne and acne scars finally leave my skin, I truly do want to be an inspiration to others, specifically, to those who are suffering from acne because I know how it feels and I know the pain that comes with it.

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